That's Okay


As I find myself wondering, who I really am

I think to myself where I started, and how far I've come.

I struggle to find what is me,

and what is the creation, made by the media.

I like to think that I am what I am,

but in reality, I am what trends and fads have made me.

So, to dig down and find myself,

I'm writing this poem.

This is me.

I like to make funny faces

run around barefoot in the rain

talk too much and too fast

and have too much to say

I don't like rules or guidelines

I write to fit my feelings, not a guideline

I like to meet new people

learn new things

hear new stories

I like people. A lot.

I want to be a teacher

to give the gift of learning

I'm gentle, but bold

comedic, but genuine

friendly, but quiet

occasionally upset, but always smiling

I am not trendy

or nerdy

or sporty

I'm my own category.

That's okay.




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