Be yourself, inside and out


We all have a story that made us who we are,

But that doesn’t mean we are stuck.

Listening to the torment,

Believing all the lies.

Hiding in the shadows,

Of those judging eyes.

The whispering voices tell you,

You can’t be anything.

You always be a nothing,

A nothing with no dreams.


You don’t need them to notice you, but they always do.

You don’t need them to think of you, but they do that too.


Trust me I have been there

And I am still finding out

How far I got to go

To get out of my doubts.


Listen to me.

You don’t need to be what you are not

To be who you are.

You need to be yourself

For someone to love.


I will love you

If you ever cried.

Even just a little bit inside,

Because some put you down and didn’t pick you up.


Don’t worry now,

They will regret the shit they said.

As they trip on all their lies

It happens all the time.


We are perfect.

A special design.

Unique to everyone.

Beautiful inside.

Your minds is a work of art.

Your soul shines in the dark.

And it makes you beautiful

Inside and out.


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