Define Yourself


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Define yourself
Are you blending into the background
Like the kids in the back of class
Or are you as bright as
The pink elephant in the middle of the room
Does your mind sit still
Like a singer on hiatus
Or does it wander
Like a child on a playground
Will you make difference
Or will you let someone take fame
for your dream
Who are you
Who do you want to be
What do you want to do
Define yourself
Before someone writes your dictionary
Define yourself
Before your reputation is tarnished
Define yourself
Before you go blend into the back of class
Before you turn a dull gray
Before you go on hiatus
Before you no longer wander
Before you no longer wish to dream
Define Yourself

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This is about being yourself and taking a stand on being unique. nobody can be you better than you.


Hi.  I'm in sophomore in high school.  I'm writing a study guide for our english end of course exams. 

I really like your poem and woud love to add it to my study guide.

May I please have your permission?



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