Layers of My Mask

Tue, 12/23/2014 - 14:17 -- DClay97


Who am I without the "mask" I wear,

in a world that just sees me as another statistic?

Who am I without all the filters?

Who I am is defined neither my physical appearence, nor my intelligence, 

but my inner determination to become something more.

Growing up in a home full of hate, abuse, and solitude,

I was molded to belive that I was nothing more than a wasted life.

By changing myself to match what the world has labled as "perfect",

I was slowly destroying the true person in whom I was.

I tried so hard to change and become someone else,

anyone else.

Overcoming my pointless obession with wanting to be accepted took years of pulling back layers of my "mask".

Without the mask I put on for society, I am a strong, original creature of the world.

I am a person with a heart that loves without hesitation,

even if it breaks every time.

A person with a mind that so deeply craves knowlege,

even if the truth destroys what I once came to know.

A person with a inner fire in my spirit that can never be defeated,

no matter who tries to beat me down.

Without my mask, the person that I am can compare to no other,

I am a person who will overcome the norms of society and become more of myself,

because who I am is someone who needs no filter,

to be accepted.


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