Slam Poem 5

I hate that I relied on you so much 
You were supposed to hold me up when I was down and pick me up from the ground and instead I'm crying and on my knees and you haven't shown one care and you were talking to her and you can't hide it but why do I feel like I need you?

When did people lose their independence and when did we decide we have to have people?
If you can't love yourself how can you expect to love someone else? this isn't dependence you're feeling its emptiness because something is missing and yet nothing is missing there is no absence, love is not gone it's hidden; so open your eyes and see. look in the mirror and see you are so much better then words can tell and you dont need him or her to prove to you that you're beautiful its okay to feel lonely but it's not okay to feel like the loneliness will never part because it will and you're strong and you've got a nice head on your shoulders and you have a gift of moving on, you just have to find it, good things don't come easy so take a step back maybe even take five. look at life through brand new eyes.
There is more then surface shows you have to find it and summon it and bring it to light it will hold you so close and you'll be alive and that's beautiful you're beautiful just open your eyes   

So re write the verses 
I love that I rely on myself so much 
I am supposed to hold me up when I am down and pick me up from the ground and I do and I'm laughing and on my knees and I don't have to care that you were talking to her and you can't hide it 

I feel like I dont need you as long as I have myself because I'm happy and that's good 
When did people lose their dependence I haven't even noticed but now that I think I do see more smiles and more carefree and people aren't scared to make choices because the wrong people leave and the right people stay and basically it's always going to remain this way

I love myself and I'm learning to love someone else but not to much and not to fast I'm excited for the world and for the people I'm excited for break ups because they are just more chapters and its all a mystery that's just as beautiful as me and I'm so glad that I can finally see
This world is blue and green and smiles are vibrant and love is red and happiness is yellow and hugs are joyful and everyone is happy because we make ourselves that way sure other people can help but I just love myself and everyone else and its okay to cry because I know I'll be strong I know much more now then I ever did when I was wrong and now I can finally see and its a great feeling the world is a game and I'm not done competing


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