Judge me


What is my college education for 

Why is it that i am not as intelligent in the books as others 

But can uplift any of my fellow sisters and brothers 

Encourage others that look up to me 

But I am still struggling

Wondering when i am going to get the chance of a life time to stand out for not just

a college student 

but for who i am 

anyone can write a poetry slam but that don't matter 

its all about who i am

When is society going to see me for me and set me free 

You bashing me because i repeat courses and you finish them in that one semester

Just because i am not book smart don't mean nothing at all 

Give me 24 hours and ill speak you the truth 

It ain't what you do its what you love, how you love it and why

Anything else you want to bother me about 

When you show me the creativity of my education then we can talk but for now 

my common sense will be the biggest talk of my walk 


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