When I blink it blinks

using the Same eyes to see

that I can't I live up

to a better reflection of me.

2 years apart but miles away

while she received praise

I received Bullies and Pain.

"Well you're just in a phase."

They think they knew how hard it is.

While she was on a stage getting a degree

I sat at home, sulking, resting

a crushed and battered knee.

It seemed life didn't want me special.

Surgeries made my joints soft like wheat.

How could I bring home the bread

When i could no longer be an Athlete?

The worst part about a mirror

is noticing you are on the wrong side

the better part walks away while

the reflection flees to hide.


When it speaks I speak

but I come out more clear.

Everyone loves the kid

who breaks off from his mirror.

They say its a tongue of silver

judges claim its a bit more bold.

I speak of truth love and hate

earning me a medal of gold.

They say the words from my mouth

must have blocked the pain 

time spent boiling in my hell

went to enriching my brain

At times I passed the reflection

but the truth was I didn't care

My breath still matched her's

but no more is there bitter air.

The best thing about a mirror

is that it eventually breaks

allowing a chained down prisoner

to reach their own fate.





Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful and expressive! Keep writing and sharing! 

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