Her Promise


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She walks into the classroom, and sits in her chair.
Her eyes are blood red; you know she’s not really there.“Are you ok?” We all ask and say.She looks at us and starts to speak.“I am fragile, oh so weak.I have seen two twins fall,those that once stood very tall.”We look at her,It all seems a blur.“We do not understand,please relax, and take our hand,tell us of this unfortunate event,we know it may not be that pleasant.”She looks at us,her face pale white.She looks like she’s facing a battle,a mental fight.“Our freedom is over,I fear they’ve won.The army is called,this sick game isn’t fun.”A tear slides down her cheek,for those strong and those weak.She walks over to the TV.“I want to give you all a chance to see.”She turns it on,Voices cry out, a morning song.In the darkness nothing is seen,nothing is heard, but muffled screams.“If you can only imagine all the lives that were lost.Just try to imagine the pain, suffering and total cost.”At the TV we blankly stare,who are we not to care?All these lives, turning cold,in the immobility of death, its grasp and its hold.A girl my age turns away from the horrid scene,“This is so cruel, so cold, so mean”A tear slides down another's cheekfor her father was working in that building this week.Her eyes get blurry and she starts to crywe all are upset, we just don’t know why.Our jaws drop, looking outside,the sky turns cloudy and dark,No sound can be heard not even a dogs bark.Pieces of debris fly though the air.No one talks, no one even dares.Outside this secure place,Numerous of people are running with haste.Many are screaming, cryingHundreds are left, thousands are dying.Men can be heard, shouting orders so clear,If only the others can be quiet and hear.The men in uniform so bravely arrive,They help our land live long and strive.I feel more safe when I see them,Like God has given us a little piece of heaven.They are my heroes in uniform.Guardians of this country,They stand tall,Brave and courageous,High above all.Ready to fight,Knowing what they’re doing is right.God bless you,Brave Americans,From the land of liberty.You’re all heroes, heroes to me.We stay longer than usual in the room,All fearing we have met our doom.Now, tears are streaked upon all our faces,Of all the days, all the times, all the places.Our eyes are still glued on the TV,Completely stunned by what we repetitively see.We watch this tragedy happens over and over again,I feel as though I may go insane.Seeing all those lives lost in a second,I wish it was someone simply playing pretend.Many people sick and mourning,I wonder if we had any warning.Was there anything we could have done to prevent this?All these lives will truly be missed.The girl whose father was in that building todayHad no choice but to stay.He couldn’t get out fast enough,Now that girls life is extremely rough.After a while they discover his remains,The girl’s mother is so happy her tears fall like rain.She puts together a funeral in his name.When that day arrivesFriends and family come to celebrate his life.The girl who watched the building fall down,Has a hard time to make a smile out of her frown.Rock cold in the iron immobility of death.A family mourns over a statue, once alive.Tears dropped on a casket, fell like rain.Flowers lay around, a final good bye.The girl to be strong for her mom, but she’s too weak.Tearing and sobbing; trying to speak.A river of words and drowning passions,Necks stretched forward with listening ears,reliving the life of a man who to them was so dear.Words of the man’s achievements dance around the room,flying by the ears of his family.Clutching her teddy bear, the little girl whispers“Goodbye daddy, I can’t wait to see you again”and places the bear on his casket, a little present for him in heaven.She turns away from him and walks back to her seat.Half of these people she does not know, she does not meet.They all talk great things about her father,But to her the words are more of a bother.They did not know him like she did,Pressed against her mother, her face she hidShe was scared to listen, scared to knowAnything of her father to make him less than a hero.She touched the locket he gave to her on her tenth birthdayAnd to it she would sayA little rhyme he had taught herShe repeats it and began to stir.As tears slide down her cheek,She remembers all the lives lost the previous week.She thinks of how their families must feel,And with this thought came a deal.She will live her life to make her daddy proud,Never once will she go with the crowd.This friend of mine, a beautiful girl,Makes her dad a promise, to change the world.She takes her life day by day,Thinking about what her daddy would say.And with this a genius was bornNow she can think her dad and not mourn.
The world is full of suffering; it is also full of the overcoming of it.-Helen Keller


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