Mirror Mirror Mirror,

Can you really see me?

I see my flaws and my mistakes but that dont really be me.

I wanna show you the truth but I cant even believe me.

All these negative words is the only thing they really feed me.

Mirror Mirror,

I just want thing to change,

I cant handle my this pain,

My thoughts drive me insane.

But they say I need to fogive,

But all I see is guilt and shame.

So Mirror please erase these stupid memorires that remain.

Mirror Mirror,

My life is a dilemma

They want to hear my story,

But parts of it I cant remember

This road that I am on isnt getting any clearer.

Its so foggy now I just cry myself a river.


When I stare at you,

I hate what I see

I ask myself every morning,

Is it true?

Is that me?

I try to act cofident to hide all my insecurities,

But its the reality of acceptance that brings me to my knees.




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