The Hidden Heart

Mon, 11/24/2014 - 17:09 -- lindsay


The human heart beats with a steady thump;

clean and precise as a well-oiled machine.

Thudding against the rib cage, it can only be heard by coming close.

That is, if one can get close enough.


Knowing the heart takes a difficult level of intimacy and care.

Its secrets can’t be revealed right away; there must first be trust

for scars and battle wounds may be hidden deep inside.

Too deep for just anyone to find.


Sometimes the heart may beat to a different rhythm,

an unsual, less acceptable one.

It may be marred by imperfections

and many may reject or refuse to understand it.


But the beauty that can be seen through this heart is immense.

There is a fiery passion for the things that matter in life.

Love, friendship, family, music; oh what joy there is in such things!

It takes on a powerful character with gusto rarely seen.


Who has such a heart, you may wonder.

Where does this intensity come from?

Well this heart is particularly special

because it comes from me, and me alone.


I run my life to a different beat.

Nothing wrong with that, just a little different.

My trust is won by few, and few get to see my heart

but beyond the locked gates lies great things


My personality is bold, my words a little crooked.

My smile is big, and rather contagious too.

My speech provokes thought

and those thoughts bring change.


Though my heart may be a little broken, a little damaged in places,

my heart is a heart of gold, and no one can change that.

The human heart may beat with a steady thump

but I am proud to say that mine beats to a rhythm all its own.

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