looking is not seeing

 I wake up and the first thing I do is look in the mirror, nothing could possible be clearer. I'm staring at my own relection, and through the glass I see the cracks. So I cake on my makeup but I never ask, why must I wear this mask. I dress to blend in and not to stand out becase I do not wish to be called out. I get in line to follow the others never knowing my true colors.

One day I start to shout, society has me feeling pushed out. Why must I follow a path that others have made. Why cant I live my life my own way. So I push through not caring what others say, because I refuse to waste another day. At glance I might look happy, but true beauty comes from my personality. Helping others when their in need is what this world really needs.We need people to be unique and look past what is skin deep. I am perfect because I refuse to be like the rest and that's the quality that makes me the best. I might not be the prettiest but I hope you can see that I make up for it intellectually. True perfection comes from the heart and not what you see.


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