My Last 12 MIns: A Letter to You



12 Mins

These will be my last

As i sit here and wait for the pills to take my life i think about what i've done with it

11 Mins 

Who is listening to me?

Has anyone ever listened?

Who will miss me when im gone?

As the timer goes to 9 MIns i start thinking...

I walk around my room thinking of ways to make the time go faster, i go to my drawer and pull out my blade

8 Mins

As i slice into my arm the memories come flowing back to me like the blood that flows down my arm




And now im getting what i deserve

im sitting here writing my last letter 2 u

I look at the timer... now that it says 7 mins i realize that i have exuasted all of my options

6 Mins

I remeber the day that I decided to jump onto the blade called love chest first

5 Mins

With  the sword named love strapped to my waist i swore to cnvence u that  u would never get hurt, but...

With my fingers crossed behind my back , through clenched teeth, and tears i lied and said i loved you everytime.

3 Mins

I realize that the thing  ive always wanted was here all along

I always thought that you were trying 2 hurt me so i put a gate around my heart and soul and locked it so tight that even air couldnt get through but you still tried to get through

The timer says that there are 2 Mins left and now i sit here and cry because i realize that these will be my last 2 mins and that ive let you loved me for me no matter what i brought  to the table

1 Min

As i sit here curled up in the bath tub feeling to weak to go on. i can see the light closing iin on me and i kn that i have no more time to borrow on this earth. As i finally give in to death i begin to think...

the only thing that i ever wanted i have lied to . The only thing that i ever wanted was u....OH MY GOD! what did i just do? 

As i try to jump out of deaths arms I see you there in his  arms to... you look to me and say " i always knew u loved me to..."


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