Birthday Suit


Umm this may sound weird...

But, let's all get naked
I know I know that sounds a bit umm lewd
But I'm not trying to be rude
I'm just saying let's all get on the same level. 
No shirt, no shoes, no shame. 
Because we are all the same
When flesh, blood and bone are all that matter
We're Adams and Eves in the garden of life
We might be meant to be at ease
Yet we're deceived to believe we're rotten because
We're peeled away by the claims of our peers and forced to swallow the sinful judgment which attacks
Our core and causes us to vomit seeds of doubt and sprout just enough to retreat because we're growing on insecurities. 
Living Snow whites as we swallow in spite of the poison 
Handed to us causing sorrow and disgust upon ourselves
But it's okay
Though the ground we stand on are promises
And yes the fall hurts when they're broken
But leave yourself open and clear.
After every piece of dirt is splattered on your name and your heart
The Windex of forgiveness is all you need.
It's okay
Don't be clothed in such hate that it wears you
Hangs you up to dry after you cried a river in which you've drowned in
Pounds and pounds of makeup to cover those scars
Yes its hard
But it's okay
Don't walk a runway of deceit in tattered rags as though they were elegant garments
And as Harmless as it seems, I'd prefer to streak down the street
I'll be the first to go skinny dipping in a river of compassion past the rapids of lies
It's okay if I
YES I, am the 1st to say my birthday suit suites not only me but you as well
So what do ya say,
Want To get naked?
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I like this poem a lot.  You put a lot of meaning into this and it's very expressive :)

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