Modern Caged Bird

She sits obediently as she feels the restriction of the world

Be what you want yet don’t dream too high

Trapped in a cage as she watches

So helpless

This tiny bird is told not to fly for she is too weak

She bangs and shakes the restraining bars of the cage waiting for someone


Anyone who would listen

Just look at her!

She’s all alone in the lonesome cage that veils all her pain and desires

The tiny bird flaps her beautiful goddess white wings that shake the chains of her cage

The brutal chains that hold her down like the rest of her kind

She craves an independent will where she doesn’t need to answer to anyone

The only one she’d have to answer to is God herself when her spirit is relinquished from the bonds that hold her


This tiny bird

Who was told she was too weak and pathetic will one day break free

This tiny bird

Who was told she was unworthy and unbeautiful will spread her majestic white wings with pride of who she really is

This tiny bird

Who was told she was nothing, will never be anything, or anyone will one day be a somebody

This tiny bird

Who was told she was too stupid will outsmart those who deceived her

This tiny bird

Who was cursed at and laughed at will have the last laugh when she breaks the chains that hold her down

This tiny bird

Who was so ashamed of who she is physically and mentally will unlock the cage and set herself free


This beautiful tiny bird

Who cried herself to sleep in hope of a better day

Who dared to look at her wrists as an escape of the pain

Who hated to look in the mirror as a reminder of the person she hated the most

Who was shamed by others of her physical appearance

Who just wanted to be herself

This beautiful tiny bird broke away from the cage and never looked back

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My community
Our world
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