I Am


I am the giggle after a dirty joke,

The smirk after the pun,

I am the height of all the trees,

The soaring bird in the wind,

I am the river that rushes along,

The song after its gone,

I am the off key lyrics,

The chocked laughter at wrong times,

I am the comferting friend,

The sassy remark,

I am the dog lover,

The animal tamer,

I am the loud one,

Quiet only when needed,

I am the hungry whisper,

The dreamer; the wisher,

I am the friend to the loney,

The one who will listen,

I am the one with flaws,

The one who accepts them,

I am the one with blue eyes,

The one with the cocky walk,

I am who I am,

The one who is herself,

I am the last grin,

The wink after all is done,

I am the last word,

No matter how ridiculous,



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