The Budding Student


United States
41° 9' 22.05" N, 73° 55' 48.3744" W

If high school was compared
To a growing flower bud
I wonder if you’d dare
Step foot inside the mud

Would you defy your fellow buds
And sprout into your own?
Or would you step foot in their mud
And become another clone?

It’s hard to tell your identity
Do you cover up inside?
Do you conceal your true reality
And confide in a new lie?

As you bud into a flower,
Sometimes it’s hard to tell
The crowd with all the power
Into their trap you fell

Although the sun may come out,
As often as a storm,
It’s hard not to doubt
The reasons to conform

As time passes you question
Will you ever be the same?
It’s time for a confession
There’s only one to blame

You can curse all that you share
Same soil and same earth
But it was your right to be an heir
Since your budding birth

As your budding fades away
And it’s time to move on
There’s only one last thing to say
Is your true soul really gone?


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