Love Yourself

*stomach drops*
Hearts stop,
And I forget how to breath,
Don’t worry, about me,
I wear my heart on my sleeve
For all to see,
Being different is how I love me.
Insecurity is the blindness of beauty,
New prescription is an option so necessary,
Invading someone’s personal thoughts is tyranny,
We are past the Jurassic era yet we dig up extinct memories?
There was once a girl who would everyday look at her self in the mirror,
She seemed to lack beauty as if everybody pointed their fingers,
She tried new things to straighten her hair and bought new clothes,
She resulted as the stereotypical girl would look like in the usual photos,
She attracted guys and received attention,
And became something everybody mentioned,
A mask on her heart by those extensions,
A Frankenstein-type of invention...
and if real beauty was a sail, it's washed away by the tides of truth,
in which truth, rested in you.
So, she, denied her make-up, then forgot the whole get up,
she cried every night on her knees, but then she got up,
she flipped her hair, called herself beautiful, and called it a day,
most girls will end up in the same position as her some day...
*stomach drops*
Hearts stop...
and now she remembers how to breath,
she sees the crowd where she would "fit in",
but she leaves.


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