Misunderstanding is a miscommunication


Misunderstanding is a miscommunication

Speaking and saying and hoping they hear

Pouring out your heart not only for a tear

But having the fear they still will not understand

There is still a miscommunication

We all miscommunicate

We all try to emulate

We want this job

We want this salary

We want this because Bob has that

And we want that because Sally has this

There is still a misunderstanding

Do we sit and think about how we communicate

As children we all hear communication is the key

It gets you everywhere but was never learned down to the T

We go through life thinking we have it together

We go through life trying to be better than our neighbor

There is still a miscommunication

Do we ask our neighbor how they got there?

Do we COMMUNICATE and ask how they live the way they do?

Or how they have what they have?

We might and we might not

But there is still a miscommunication

We are not them we are not in their shoes

We can’t be what is already made

And we can’t follow in the footprints that are already laid

We must walk in our own path and communicate in our own way

That is the communication

The misunderstanding and miscommunication is not between the other people we interact with

It is between ourselves

Miscommunications come about when we are sure of others

Misunderstandings come about when we are not sure of ourselves

Misunderstanding is a miscommunication

Because when you are sure of others you are not sure of yourself

You are not sure of yourself because you are trying to figure out others

Stop trying to figure out others and focus on yourself

That is the understanding for communication


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