Lonely Songs

Do you ever write a song to yourself because you’re so alone?  Is there ever a reason to doubt the hurt you feel?   When is enough too much?  When is enough too few?  Why can’t I tell you how I feel?  Why can’t I cry like a normal person, and have normal dreams?  Why can’t I tell you the truth?


I dream of a perfect life in a regular world in a time so long ago.  I dream of a Prince who will sweep me off my feet and love me no matter what.  I dream of a King who calls me his beautiful Princess, and gives me dresses more beautiful than the moon and stars.  A man who thinks a night with me is better than a year without. I dream of being that graceful Queen everybody loves.  Who everybody adores and who the King would give his life for. I dream of a woman who is anything but my own self.


I ask you who get the privilege of knowing me and how tough I am, to respect my need of privacy and love.  But when you do read and understand and show compassion, then and only then is when, I can be you friend.  When you can see when I am hurt under the veil of perfection and easiness I will know.  When you see me and give me a hug because you know I need it, when you buy me a coffee on a cold day and know exactly how I like it, when you call me up randomly getting a sense I need a kind voice and gentle touch to heal the hurt. I will know it’s you.


After all the abandonment I have felt and all the people coming and going, it is you who I need to know I can trust and you who will always be by my side.  You will come by God’s will and you will be the one to give the veil of white with the train invisible because you know I don’t like the attention.  You will know everything I know, and you will feel God like I do. Because you are he who God has prepared for me and I am thankful. Remember who you are and who I am.





How does this world accept the lost?

How can you ever be loved?

Why is pain so uncertain?

Why can all you are fall off?


To attain the point of full content,

You must accept yourself,

But beware the evil lurks,

And off to Hell, you fear, be sent,


As you look at he, whom you love,

And realize he is no choice,

How do you respond in peace?

Above the voices in your head,


Questions, painful questions,

Bring deadly answers,

Deadly answers are love,

In its worst disguise,


Why is the world round?

Why does pain circle the World?

Why does hurt circle my life?

Why can I not see the light?


The light that comes up each morn,

The morning that comes before day,

Day is the opposite of night,

Night is when I pray,



I pray of Love,

I pray of hope,

I pray of promise,

I pray of you,


You are my pain,

You give me dreams,

You are the circle,

Of hurt that scathes me,


But the hurt that scathes me,

Is hurt from Love,

Why do I do this?

Why can you not?


The Moon and Sun,

Yin and Yang,

Day and Night,

Healing and Pain,


Round is each,

Opposite in facts,

Together as one,

They are completes,


Complete my life,

Show me the truth,

Show me peace,

Show me you,

Show me you,








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