This Is Me

She is a Plain Jane

Her face seems like its anger

But in reality she's open and a free spirit

When she smiles people are awed from the radiance given from it

She rarely smiles

Her emotions are usually hidden

She loves to see the happiness on others faces

That is the only way she can be happy.



Determination is part of her

If she puts her mind to it she is unstoppable

Her obstacles are very large to over come

But they will not stop her

Jumping over them like it was just a small puddle

Nothing with stop her



Her hair is blonde

But she is not a dumb blonde

She tries her best in school

She is a perfectionist


Living life to the fullest is never a no

I shall always follow this motto

Marching to the beat of my own drum

I will not be held back

I will not look back

This is me.


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