Nowadays, every app has filters in it. 

X-Pro II, Vendetta, Nashville, hell pay $0.99 for a pack of it.

No one wants to face who they really are.

They say we only see 10% of an iceberg.


But what about the other 90%?

We don't give ourselves the consent

To accept who we really are.

We can't accept ourselves, so we can't accept others.


Adults say we are the worst generation

With our iPhones and Netflix, and that we deserve eternal damnation.

But then, infront of everyone, we are forced to shove our fingers down our throats 

And wear short shorts and crop tops to prove that we are really worth it.


Can the pressure just stop?

Can the adults just not?

When will we be able to show that we are happy with who we are?

When will the time come that we don't have to prove we are good enough because we know we are?


Who am I?

I am an ally.

A human being who loves people just the way they are.

No one should be forced to change or conform to society's standards.


Who are you?

Are you an ally too?

Or are you just a mask?

Do you want to show who you really are?


No. The answer is no.

No we don't want to show.

We don't want to show the world who we really are

Because we want to be accepted by others, not rejected for ourselves.


But me, I don't like fake.

Wearing a mask for most of my life, now that is my biggest mistake.

But somewhere, deep inside, I don't know who I am.

I need time, to find myself and figure out who I want to be.


So maybe masks are not all that bad.

Maybe they aren't masks, but outfits that clad

Your body and persona to show emotions that can't be expressed - 

To give you an idea of who you want to be.


#NoFilter #BeYourself #DontBeFake

Those are the world's biggest mistakes

Because the world shouldn't care about who you are.

You should be able to decide who you are and who you want to be.

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