One's True Self


Engulfed in a deep slumber,

I hear the eradicating sound of the alarm clock.

As I slowly come to my senses,

I take a glimpse to see that it is 7:45 to my shock.

I clumsily sprawl out of my bed onto the floor,

And fling shirts and underwear out of my drawer.

I rapidly dress myself and take a whiff of my breath,

And shudder with disgust as it smells like death.

I run a brush through the bird's nest in my hair,

And trample over the set of stairs.

After shoving sizzling eggs and bacon down my throat,

I take one last glance before I go.

I stare in awe and satisafaction as I reminisce in my true self,

Because there is no one I'd rather be than me.






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