I Gotta Fly Away



I’ll miss your face, leaving this place/

an empty space, but full of grace/

Living your way, For another day/

I cannot stay, I gotta fly away/


Spitting sick lines, i just need some paper and a pencil/ 

I be outlining my story with a dark edge stencil/

Life has problems, but I can’t be Dr. Phil/

I aint the solution, I Am Legend, call me Will/

I’m just an abstract artist, trying to paint a picture/

I want own my freedom, not be concealed by a lecture/

I’m trapped by society, I feel like I’m a slave/

Except I’m “off the chain”, ironic as getting buds and never blaze/

A phase that every true person endures/

Think in the present, about the past, for the future/

I want to see the outcome, hit the lever of the time machine/

Do I win it all or do I lose everything?/

Nobody knows, i suppose that we’ll all have to wait/

Are we written in stone or do we choose our fate?/

So many questions, so many suggestions/

A constant pain in your brain, a yearning obsession/


Trapped in this building, it feels like a prison/

An outcast to all shapes like a circle to a prism/

I’m parallel to others but they just don’t believe/

I can live with sadness but anger is my pet peeve/

I can’t stand rage, it turns me into a monster/

It makes me want to kill all so I can conquer/

I try to contain, but it only goes so little/

Negativity is everywhere and I’m in the middle/

Thats why I do badness, to put my mind in a good place/

But that makes others shake their heads and give me a frowny face/

I feel judged by everyone, like I’m the defendant/

I gotta make it big on my own, stay independent/

A distinct, instinct that always makes me think/

Interlinked as we blink, we could soon be extinct/

All i know is that i just got to be myself/

If i die, get me plaque’d not resting on the shelf/


Goodbyes to families, friends, and enemies/

A horrible treatment but these are the best remedies/

Leaving your old life behind, beginning a new/

Many people try to improve, but succeeding is few/

We can all win but most of us lose/

Its our own path, your decide what to choose/

Some go to college and get their degree/

Some live next door, scavenging for money/

Others exit their mind by weed and alcohol/

To raise their spirits instead of having them fall/

Call me a prophet cuz I’m here to spread the word/

Bettering lifestyle before problems are occurred/

I know I aint the best influence that you have/

But I’ll lift your frown by giving you smiles and laughs/

I’m here to encourage you to write your own lyrics/

Moral of this story is that you can do it/


Imani Sophia

Very creative. You got bars homie!

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