Loosing yourself.


Why would I use sephia to cover up my freckles,

or a blur tool to mask my acne?

These battlescars show what I have faced.

I will not smudge my stretchmarks or lighten my dark circles.

I slave every night over a book to shove information in my head to have the merit to call myself ambitious. I was through the sacrafice of sleep, and the hostility and temptation of the midnight snack.

Why must we pretend that we aren't these warriors for stregnth? I want it to be let known that I have worked hard for everything I have accomplished, and if I can't be society's idea of "perfect" in the procress then so be it.

I am perfect just the way I am.

No amount of thumbs hitting a blue-light screen to show a mutual appreciation for outter beauty can prove that to me.

Why is it even called a "selfie" if the person in the picture isn't even yourself?

You aren't that person, you don't naturall have that filter.

YOU have under-eye bags.

YOU have acne.

YOU have stretchmarks and moles and imperfections.

Those collections of imperfections are what make you perfect.

If you put a filter on who you actually are, you aren't giving yourself enough credit.

You worked hard for those undereye bags and that stress induced acne, show it off.


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