Reaching For Perfection


I've realixed that when it comes to life, everything and everyone in it has an imperfection. A slight misunderstanding that the universe as a whole compels to call a fatal flaw that keeps life at its best, from perfection. The more we, as people or nature, try to change that, the harder we fall from grace it seems.No matter what power we achieve. What knowledge we gain. We will never be the  perfect, synchronized world we try so hard to strive for. And that ladies and gentlemen, is not a flaw at all or an imperfection. It is a difference. Something unique you can never copy or steal. T try to make everything in the universe a clone or a repition of something that once was, can never be. That moment that happens ina split second when all they beauty and wonder in the world comes out in a single "awe."  That terrifying moment when the ground seems to dissapear from underneath your feet and all your conscious fears and greatest moments come to life. In that microscopic moment in time, you are weightless and free from all the judgement and cruelity in the world. We as an individual should be able to stand out in the crowd  and see in vibrant colors. But we live in a world that only wants us to see in black and white. As the individual, we are unique. Wonder. We are just a difference that society and nature itself doesn't understand.


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