"Teachers take notice! There's better for us!"


It’s not homework, information, and books,
We are forced to be more concerned with looks.
Teach us how to love and have compassion,
And have more on our minds than just fashion.
I am sick of judgment, gossip, and lies,
I see why some people say their goodbyes.
Teachers and students stirring up drama
I know I learned better from my mama.
How can kids get away with the smoking?
When I walk by them at school, I’m choking.
Drugs, alcohol, sex, and more just to please,
Themselves and others while spreading disease.
Not just disease in the flesh, but the soul
Mind, body, spirit - affecting the whole.

Sometimes teachers and leaders will bully

Not knowing how much we go through fully.

There's peer pressure as well as crap at home
with much to hurdle in this life we roam

But show us that our lives our not aimless.
Teach us our purpose so we are shameless.

Please do not let words in class go viral.
Letting kids go in a downward spiral.
Facebook, Twitter, and more leads our thinking 
While morals and good conduct keeps sinking.
Teach us each and every person has worth
No matter how old, and even from birth. 
Awful results leads to trouble for years,
When living out our whims leading to tears.
Teachers we need you to teach many things.
How to spend money and what saving brings.
Recycling, reducing, and reusing,
Students don’t know what they are abusing.
From the earth to our bodies to others
We need to be good sisters and brothers
Mentor us and show us how to do well,
So the impending doom you can dispel.

For if we continue on the same path
There's sure to be consequences of wrath.

Laws and regulations are for our good.
Teach us them until they are understood.

Make the classroom a safe haven to learn.
So that once we leave, we won't have to burn,

From the hard knocks of life, tests, and trials,
Wisdom is crucial for the upcoming miles.

As we embark on our life's journey to find,
What we can become to broaden the mind,

Teachers be most encouraging in class
So that challenges in life we can pass.

Hear our voices to understand our need
so we can heal and not be left to bleed.

Don't leave questions unanswered and ignore
For out of the nest we must fly and soar.

Help make us stronger and give us the tools
So we don't graduate as useless fools.

Our education quickly passes by
Make us think as we spread our wings to fly.

Do your best to help us to do our best
For graduation is another test.

As we continue to write our story
School can take us from glory to glory.

We will thank you for our future success
As you teach us how to avoid the mess.

Thanks in advance for making things right.
For a successful future we will fight.


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