Be Yourself

This Little girl is, terrified of the outside world, today she is going to her first day of high school. She wonders if people will judge her? Everyday’s the same for her she fights to find her way in the outside world. She is so worried that people won’t like her for simply being herself. So she covers up her true beauty with layers of makeup and no matter how much or little makeup  she has on, kids call her names online and at school. Everyday she runs home crying. She fights everyday to find her way out of this mess. But she’s so scared to show her true self and love who she wants love. She says this everyday to herself why are teenagers so cruel? To be honest it’s because they are envious of her true beauty and they don’t see that  beauty in themselves. This happens to a bunch of teenagers all  around the world  being bullied due to simply being themselves. It’s so sad that the world is this way and that people are so envious or  trying to be cool so they bully others not knowing the affects. A lots of kids choose suicide / self harm due to bullying which makes me so sad inside that the world is like this. If you are in this position ever just know that you’r beautiful inside and out and they are just envious of your true beauty. The darkness is such a sad and lonely place on your own. You are worth so much more than others say everyone is beautiful flaws and all.   

This poem is about: 
Our world


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