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I'm not her. You dated her before me. She broke up with you. You came up to me and asked me on a date. I said yes. You told me that my hair reminded you of her. I said that everyone has black hair.
The halls crowd around me As I push through bodies and backpacks My feet fall lightly On the dirty concrete floor Students laugh Students cry Everyone is lost In their own self-centeredness
I wonder what I am What I may be What I will become What I may cease to know What I may cease to love Is there oblivion in the distance coming nearer
The smell of hot rubber still turns my stomach, twists it up in knots and sends my heart racing, racing round a track with stadium lights beaming and a fear in my gut that is insatiable. 
I don't know if i stared too long I didn't know if i could form the words quick enough for them to understand me But, i wasn't blind to the fact that they were fake She smiled at me from her group of friends
Just one short embrace Enough to make me crave more You walk far away I can't seem to remember A time you were here with me
Any time you make a new friend. They might just be the one to make your life bend. Friends can be great, honest, and have the right intentions.
Laughter and giggles floated through the air Atmosphere shimmering as the resident golden boy grinned Shrieking laughter following the class clown's pranks   Swooning girls shifted their attention
Medusa, Medusa, my love for 3 years.  Medusa's beauty brings me to tears,  With her beautiful green hair.  How I would love for her to notice me. Medusa never looks my way. Medusa never removes her glasses. 
I hesitateTo admit that I tend to put things off until they absolutely must be dealt with   I was born here.I’ve moved between neighborhoods butThese mountains have watched me grow up.  
High school good days, snickering in the hall ways, Laughing in the locker room, Bathing in perfume, Running late to class, Just bothering enough to pass, Now on to college days,
I am not capable of making a difference in this world Never will I tell myself I was important in high school Because I stood up for my beliefs
I grew up in a small town Where everybody knew my name. When I was young I yearned to live more and spread my wings and fly away from this place Looking back that seems crazy This town has made me who I am
I realized I wasn’t a kid anymore When I started to long for the nap time I’d been given in kindergarten. How I squandered those precious hours of quiet Laying awake, convinced that I was not a child.  
It's funny how These days Kids jump into "I love You"s  Like they jump into cold, glistening pools during California Summers
A long time ago I had found my home On the stage. But as a sophomore I just couldn't take another heartbreak. I stayed in the shadows. As the show neared
Pink flowers decorate my room, but I don't feel pink inside. My dolls stare into my soul, not at the cup of invisible tea. I prefer Adult Swim than Spongebob. I throw my childhood away.
My mind and body so young and sweet Ready to grasp the world and be free Questions always spreading from my mind to my fingertips Young and wild and full of joy Another year older and brought to different standards
penetrating glares are pointed my direction, their harsh words whispered to the familiar face their cheap perfume that stinks but attracts nevertheless I taste the horrid bitterness
Am I good enough? Yes of course, But oh would short hair look so good on you. Your clothes are nice, But you should totally wear blue more often.
Our perceptions are irrelevant we are aware that they are not important We are deceived that the world is making a change But I feel like these officers practice with my face in the gun range
No more hurrying away from the deans, Frantically pulling down a grey pleated skirt. No more half-hearted games of basketball In that unwashed gym shirt.
To whom this may concern,You always taught me
I hate the way some like to say, "Man high school was some bullshit!" Like, "I never learned anything useful!"
In middle school we wrote poems, I learned to write out all my thoughts. I learned sometimes to reach my calm, I need to write what’s on my mind.  
Ink on the Skin, White like Paper. I am my writing, The corners taper. My poems I read, Then soon become. Sharing the thoughts, I'm trying to overcome. These words I write, Share a story.
"I can’t do homework.Now, you probably think I’m wrong, right? You want to make right this wrong in my mind that makes me say… “can’t”. Can’t do this Can’t do that
To the Class of 2018   4 months, 120 days, 2800 hours. Time slowly slips away. Ugly halls now hold fond memories, And the cap and gown become the enemy
I roam through the most chaotic plains of the savanna I call high school But these Pridelands are nothing like the one we all grew up on For there is nothing cute or cuddly about this Circle of Life
I wish I knew high school musical was just a dream and the reality of it all is more like a horror movie.  I never expected to be working like I'm a college student already breaking my back and staying up past 3am to finish homework. 
GRADUATION POEM By: Eric Fraley   Here today Here we sit Class of 2017 Amongst our friends Our fellow classmates
Dear boy with bluer skies, Since you're the one who makes my heart race, I hope that my eyes weren't wrong, When I saw you behind the stair case, As I sang that old Spanish song,
Dear, Belinda  
Is it worth it, For people to only know me by my "shyness", My looks,  My sarcasm,  Not even knowing my name Or my brain for that matter And how I know that
Dear Stephanie AKA Momma lovebug,   When I used to walk into room 302 there were various desks everywhere. There was mckenzies and david's right next to each other on the left side.
Dear Highschool,                 You are cruel                 Who gets to decide who is lame? Who is cool?                 I’m fed up with all the gossip
When she sees him her heart flies. Yet she tries to hide her feelings with lies. Deep inside, She hopes they will die, He looks at her with wonder. She seems different from the others.
We are the generation of forgotten kids. The ones whose voices are silenced by bombs and guns. The kids who hear more hate than love. We are the children whose parents beat us and push us down.
Because I love you,      I knock on your door before every date rather than sending an "i'm outside" text; Because I love you,
Your artistic views and intelligence would render... a part of me that made you more than a class member Hall way confrontation was slightly embarrassing
I wear a mask. It’s my smile in the hallway. because while you think I’m flying high, really I'm  fading away.
Why should I go to bed when I know sleep is not my friend?   Why not get my work done then and do as I please during the day?   There's no point trying to do it in the daytime:
Mama, I hope that you’re proud of me. I hope you’re proud of the way that I slave every day And how sometimes I pray Even though I don’t believe in a Jesus.
Love is a four lettered word that holds a mass of meanings. Love can be described as many things and can be defined by an oceans worth of words.
We had a connection A connection that would not be cut down Not even for the life of me.   A week went by and you questioned why it was you I just thought you were pretty cute
                                             My eyes rest for a second                      And for that moment it’s there again That grey stitched texture of the back seats
I look myself in the mirror and I see a "tall lonely depressed girl." Well, not really. My friends see that. They don't see all of the struggles that I go through.
I cupped you in my hands and i said you couldn't leave. How silly of me. You burrowed your way through my ring finger and fought your way free.   I saw a picture of me and you today.
It was a beige Wednesday A pale grey sky The cold sweep of air punctures the lungs of people who breathe Expanding their rib cage
This Year by Gaby L. This year?
I am am a warrior who never stops fighting I am a proud Mexican female who is not afraid to show her roots I am courageous and piercing despite my accent
Highschool A word that has the power To make its victims cower And to leave others smiling with their fond memories.   A new beginning I saw it as a chance To make them take a second glance
A shitty run down turqousie chevy, with a dented silver door on the left hand side, crawling from the passengers side to yours, sitting in the lap of a past lover,
My king of the sun, Golden and unreachable My heart hopes, but it knows. Knows that you are nothing but a dream A beautiful love that will never be real And I think it's because It was I who trapped myself. You were the shining hero clad in gliste
Started with wonder excitement and dread Began with hopes and dreams all dead Learned of new problems personal and abroad Sick close relatives once living, now not. Some still holding on
I wake in the morning, just to see the same scene people rushing down the halls most under eighteen. We go to class, sit down, and write then when we reach our homes we work through the night.
  I am rather annoyed To be studying Freud. The ego, superego, and id. I wish to take an eraser
As I sit here and write this, sitting in my desk, quietly as I should, I can feel the stares, hear the whispers and smell the scent of rotten, wet wood. As I sit here in this desk, I sit with my face resting in my palm.
I'm 15 years old now.Ms. Luna calls my name." Pay attention Ms. Campos, your timed assignments not a game."" Well i'm trying hard to focus.
So many people going away. So many people going separate ways. Long friends, having to make amends. Great memories; Now having to say goodbye. Trying to stay strong and not cry.
Start of something new Never ending soon   From football and cross Now running on the track Oh the memories, now a loss
  Febuary 2, 2015 Math. It sucks but so does my life. Nothing to do, no one to know until...he was at the corner of my eye as I turned, one that I never noticed in the room.
Walk the walk Without it, I can’t. Talk the talk Without it, I shan’t.   We all have one. Actually, two!
I called you friend. Played XBox and swam in crystal blue pools, we laughed as we splashed We beat summer time heat with movies and card games and cheese quesadillas. I told you about the loneliness I felt
Everytime I ask a question you got a different story. I have no idea why I mess with dudes like you who just so daggone corny. You won't find me wasting my time tryna make you change,
I AM... a little girl with pigtails running around the playground full of life with not one worry in the world.
They wish summer was longer, just one more week Pulling all nighters who the hell needs sleep Two nights before, procrastination at it's finest. The so called overacheivers not prepared in the slightest
(For all the victims of sexual harassment)   Their names were many, Their faces were multiple. I simply called them “fearful”, They simply called me “easy”.  
Behind this false face, remain flawless conflictions- A mask of such wrath, and endless contradiction Good deeds are unseen, Anger is routine- never in between, because bliss is obscene
There are certain phases that the average person will travel through before they can be considered an adult
  Highschool had to start,  I wasn't pretty. The teachers thought I was a sweetheart,  but my peers thought I had too much acne.  He gave me a kiss, he told a lie.
Who shut the door on you?Who shut the door that made you shy of raising your hand in class?Who shut the door that gave you the pleasure of living in complete solitude?
High School: Definition of self-loathing
What they don't tell you about high school isn't spoken aloud.   How someone might call you loud within the first week of school.   How someone might break your heart
Her. She is mind blowingly beautiful.
He says, "don't you love me?" I say, "I don't know," I thought so at first, But now that we've grown, People will change, For bad or for worse, But growing apart,  Now that always hurts,
Broken and brutally beat
"I want to see blood!" "I want to see hate!" "I want to see pain written on your face!" That is what I hear when a person chooses to watch. To involve themself in a matter more degrading than name calling.
It's a Monday morning and you've got to get up, You're tired, alone, down in the dumps, You want to slep, go out, stay at home, anything cool, Unfortunately, you know you've got to go to school,
It was you that made me trust again
If you were to compare a selfie of me from four years ago to one today,
My voice has been undermined for so long, it's time to remi
I’ve seen society fall apart.
Highschool. New dudes, new chicks. New classes, new cliques. New teacher, new book. thats freshman year, now lets tke another look. Highschool. Another teacher, algebra 2.
When we first met I was nothing but an empty landscape. You made me laugh so deeply that I cried, and the tears watered a lost garden in my body.
Dear Diary, Today I was pushed to the ground,
It's funny how when it came down to it Everything you did made you seem like a hero Like you could change the world with your words Like you could fix a cold with your hugs
I am a ripple on a calm still lake i am a pimple on a perfect face i am imperfection in a perfect world i am the insecurity in a beautiful girl. but i am me never anyone else
Everyday i wake up walking down long hallways its a place in my head i fly to escape maybe I'm an activist but i cant add this  list of reasons why i cant breathe  my future haunt me my past torture me 
Have pure confidence Walk tall and strong Speak up against negativity Sing regardless; just most according to my feelings Love past blemishes and Give past pain I feel, no matter who gave it to me
I am beautiful Something I'll never change The way I look in the mirror How my eyes catch everyone's attention How I can make everyone laugh When I don't even wanna smile I know all the right words
I am not relaxed! Scared, anxious. College is here! Make it all slow down!
Remembering the past and what I used to be is a part of my present
When the term "Hearty Chuckle" comes to mind One might think of a large lumberjack eating a pork rind
They say it all the time. "Keep it together" But what am I keeping together?
Everyone is beautiful, Perfect. Just the way they are. Some might even saw, flawless, I mean, all humans have flaws, But are flaws really flaws when it makes them who they are?
I look across and see, A person staring back staring back at me. She may call herself ugly, She may tell herself she is weak, But I think she is rather unique, And as strong as one can be.
I’m the girl who is sheltered The one who has no fun I’m the girl who was homeschooled The one who hasn’t won?   High school had so much Tell me I missed out I should have stayed in school
“U-G-L-Y”  “He will forever stay forlorn, and will never make it to the peak” I walk in the vacancy with my heart in my hands, Holding it tight so it wouldn’t fall,
Why am I flawless. This poem can end here because I can simply just say I'm flawless because I'm me. But, I don't want to leave you with any curiousity, so, here's why I'm flawles.
I will never be you, And you will never be me, We may not always be right, But we are perfect, Not in the sense of the  right body, the right face, the right mind,
Although you can clearly see my physical beauty; well most you…..some of you might. But real gentlemen say my best features and sensational beauty is out of sight!
I am strong independent, and willing. I  have so many good things about me that make me "flawless" but   but im not flawless.
"You're so rough, The way you speak, The way you hold yourself."   I am not soft and sweet, lipgloss and gossamer, lace and vanilla.   No, I am not.  
A woman so amazing, Perfect in every way, With such a beautiful smile, That can lighten up any man
It’s not about the skin tight dress or sky high heels, It’s not even about how that silly boy makes you feel. When I wake up in the morning, My hair’s a mess, acne all over, and that breath comes out with no warning.
If I knew what I know now, Things would be way different then they are now, no lien, no cheating, no stealing, just love, and more love in the air when it comes to people around me they down me, some people even call me ugly ,fat or just mean mug
My flaws make me flawless. My freckles, usually covered by makeup, are beautiful. My natural hair, a genetic mutation, is beautiful. My curves, or most would say extra weight, are beautiful.
                                                                                                                         My skin complexion you may hate  
All my life I was told to cover Who I am How I speak, act, look I was told to cover my indviduality I was told to follow a set of rules Conform to the world's idea of me But I shine through
When we're pushed down, it is by one who has the same Bruises on their knees. When we're being made a fool,
Sometimes I think about that long summer day with my golden skin and that natural hair I was too comfortable in and I thank myself for allowing me to be free even if it was just me and a mirror in an unconditioned room.
Not the sterile cinderblock walls, confining from eight to three nor the sparkling sunlight hours lost forever in the name of security   Nor the lethargy on faces, nor the boasts of procrastination
Who defines beauty? And where did they get their degree? Why is it that the "perfect body" evolves with each new, passing trend? Is it a deeply rooted, primal need to fit in? 
I run this, yes G-town. No don't be scared cause you see this crown. I'm bossed up with confiedence. So intelligent, you look pass my radiance. I'm so knowlegeable, it'll make you feel dumb
My flaws make me flawless My failures push me to suceed The struggles I endure The long nights I sat and watched my wrist bleed All my flaws pushed me to proceed On to something better
Don't hide beneath the make-up, embrace the beauty that is natural. The bumps arising that I pop, creating all these dark spots.
He'll beat you with secrets He'll be drunk off lies You'd be a fool to fall into his trap   I know I cannot control you Your life is yours to live Experiment with your set of boys in
I don’t bow down I stand up straight and proud Some say it’s an ego Some call me a diva Ring the alarm because I don’t care if what I will please ya I’m a girl on a mission Girl with a mind
I'm bout that B, town coming coming down
    Middle school, 7th grade.  When you think you have everything in the bag, something changes. It gets taken away, out of know where. 
It started on a white day, before seventh block. You grabbed a seat next to me, to start table talk.   I thought you were quite bold and different, indeed.
I hated school, now I realize that I am a fool. All I went there for was to see my friends, I had to know the latest trends. I didn't want to wake up on time, but now, i don't possess so much as a dime.
Take a whiff of that blunt
"Valedictorian" The word sings in the ear  Pierces the senses Calms the soul Stokes the fire Gives a warm hug Throws me to the ground   Am I proud?
I wake up every morning standing in front of a mirror, I take on the habit of wasting time on adding a mask that only seems to be acceptable to society.
He pushes you You cry He stab you You die It could have end at the push If you knew how to punch
After a long pause the Quarterback said "GO"
In May I have to graduate from school,
Running to first period, I can’t be late anyone who has been here can relate “buzz” the tardy bell rings. I walk into class “Where is your tardy pass?” she sings.
People always say a picture is worth a thousand words
The creation of love begins with a crush. Isn't that funny? Description enough. Yet we dive head first, Expecting heart ache and pain. But eh, who cares? It's high school anyway.
I shake his hands, Yet my toes are beneath where he stands. He’s been stomping my toes for hours, Pacing on them as he explains why his belief, should be ours. Any longer and my toenails will fall off,
Fat. Ugly. Emo. Gay we've all heard what the haters say.    they act so kind right to our face. but then they talk crap once we're replaced by yet another hater (who hasn't really seen) 
She spoke loud and talks with a voice that unheard of she spoke loud and theres no face revealed
Let’s go to the movies, let’s see a show. Heroes, villains, romantic obstacles, love-struck teenagers,
A girl is hiding, hiding behind that curtain That curtain right there, I know I am certain That is her, that girl hiding behind that curtain She is shy and uncertain and bullied eveyday
there is something wrong in a world where we pour ourselves out to strangers on the internet but our best friends dont know our torment   and there is something wrong in a world where beauty is only skin deep
She takes her seat before the glass. The reflection she sees so far from what she feels. “Why do we show the world a mask?” She pondered.  
you thought this time it would go by the book again it almost always does you know the one it's my own edition maybe but its always the same story or it was supposed to be
I'm not scared of anything. I'm not scared of shadows into the night.
Being told "Its whats on the inside that matters" never felt so true. Our apperance can be deciving, Looking fresh with eyebrows and nails done Yet inside is full of selfishness, jealousy, and insecurity.
Be the Change. Stop the bullying. Instead of tearing them down bulid them up. Or say nothing at all.
The drama, the betrayal. The love, the hate. The good decisions, and the mistakes. The real, the fake. The rude, the friendly. The fake hide behind a mask, and behind the mask is envy,
Held in place by the light, we die happily, Wise in our time. The solid light suspends us, upends our minds
Have you ever seen a Venetian Mask?    Have you beheld its beauty?   Have you studied its intricacy?   Look at its colors.    Look at its shape.
Depressed,tired of being called out,wanting to quit Try balancing a 3.5 GPS while you play sports and trying to "fit in" Sometimes I want to give up. But my parents taught me better.
I smile when I want to cry I laugh when I wanna scream You wanna know why  Because when I cry or when I scream It's pushed aside like a child's plea
The Silence Before The Storm, Flip of the coin at midfield. The brotherhood that will form, A machine man can not build. From the first whistles blow, Everyone chanting in the crowd.
all i can hear is the ticking of the clock, though i'm halfway certain there is nothing but silence. i would much rather be in a trance than here with such a horrid creature. you ignite my every being only to
misfitsweird b****best friend's on a tripmoved schoolsswitching liveslooking for the right timescream and yellkiss and tellget me out of this helltoo much workhe's a jerk
All alone in this crowded room.My eyes meet one…another.They do not see me for what I am.They see the smile on my face;
There she goes, pure as snow, Just trying to get by in life. Here you come, mean as a thug. So eager to dim her bright light.   I see the sneer upon your face, That devilish little grin.
He's blinding almost, he's screaming out, "Let me go!" "Take me back!" "Let me go!" and..."Take me back." again Blue is where she found misfortune. She's tempted,
The day that we loathe is finally here,
Can I take this mask off now? It smells like mold, like a forgotten fish tank Probably from all of the long trapped tears   Can I take this mask off now? I cannot see through the eye slits
Here we are in the best four years of our life, We stared this jorney in a new world, it became urworld, and soon we will have to leave this world. Sometimes between exams and friends the world beats us down,
I stand alone amoungst my friends we have our differences I belive in one God they belive in society we have our differences they all hate they mock they laugh
The face you see is not the face you recieve But it seems, oh woe, no one doth care. Ones heart would be a sticky sieve,  Yet others are unaware. The curtain drapes heavy over our masked production, 
The road that lies ahead in our minds is often bright and shining   To others, it's dark and gloomy and every sunrise is a dread   Caught in the middle, I'm paralyzed between fear and hope
Here is another poem, with meaning and rhyme,
When I was five years old
Am I wrong for being different, unlike the typical boys? The ones who sag their pants to the floor, as I look around it feel like I am unsure
You only hear ambience But I hear music. The air swirls around me The world breathes to the beat of my heart, A constant, pulsating light: Strings, percussion, and a choir of Earth's creatures.
Memories are what stitch us together, Allowing us to smile through anything. Those old conversations, The long laughs we shared, Crazy adventures we courageously became part of.
it appears egon schiele loves women as much as i do. but he could never properly convey the curvature of your hips, the pink pout of your lips.  
Whew! I got to catch a breath got to keep going got to keep buzzing Show the opposition what kind of matter I’m made of. And I will keep buzzing and blazing bright no matter if we are Down below or way up high.
What is it that gets me going? Get the blood rushing and my brain flowing Imagination running superspeed  Many ideas formulating future a masterpiece Inspired much by nature and others but it is I that will lead
Summer is over but not all fun is goneits time to start art projects and get them done!thinking outside of the boxits almost a way of getting H
This last year of highschool time, the best friends i've met in all my life line   On this graduation day on this last cheer, we will laugh and have fun until the sun sets here  
A cold-front swooped in in the night, it brought back nostalgia and I didn't bother wearing a jacket that day. The wind on my skin, Autumn in San Antonio crawling back to me and I knew this feeling was everything.
towards the ground. painless frown. Towards the Sun. Contagious Jubilation.
A lavender sky Shadows caressing the clouds and millions of laughing stars The vivacious sun ignores the moon's protests and takes her into his arms I lay, entranced by the wonder around me
Music is the melody to my soul It helps me stay in control Oh the bright sun takes a toll  The night sky is my song Yet it is not so long I love to write and think  It makes my heart sync
Bang, Pow, Wham Limbs hitting punching bags at all different angles. Rainbow colored belts are everywhere.
One day you are going to wake up and notice that you should've tried. You are worth the fight. Stop the Negative as well as start the positive. Vast things happen when you distance yourself from the negative.
The homeless seem mistreated And neglected I went undercover to see what people would think of me living on the streets Minute after minute I would hold my cup up high asking for spare change
when I am feeling down, but not feeling music I get my radio then I tune it,  I throw my hands in the air and wave like I just dont really care.
He looks at me with a face of bitterness and resentment
I've been called strange And maybe deranged Because my views on school aren’t the same When August rolls around-  I cheer! Hip-hip-hooray for the new school year! Oh, no, you too?
She can make cry and feel pain, remember the past and forgetting today
Four score and seven years ago This blasted class began. I have a dream that One day the learning will end. I dream of a different world, One conceived in liberty-- Or at least freedom from homework!
Sterling Klein 09/09/2014   Forever Unknown     Though the years keep passing, Time doesn't slow down It keeps moving without me. And I am fearing that What I see
A guy who is afraid to express his opinion But has quite a clear vision How can he overcome this hinderance  Without seeming a bit insolent One day the answer will be found But for now he sits tied and bound
I anxiously await the day My novel is confirmed to play To invade your minds With my tantalizing words For my characters to wound To uplift, to hurt. For the hours I've spent In silence to toil
Jersey #
My person behind the curtain is rarely seen, not many have seen the real me. I choose what i show to others, the person behind the curtain is torn. Tattered and tired. The person behind the perfectionist
Why can't I just talk to her. To my left she sits in class, but what is holding me back. SCARY CAT! They call me. Maybe they are right,  Or am i over analyzing? The question at hand is,
For them It is a he, a him For me, She is Everything That i wish I could be   Her passion riveting and delightful her empathy
Being a military kid can be a real drag sometimes. You move more than the average teen. Last year I moved to and went to public school.
She is what struck my heart in the first place. She knows how to make me laugh and smile. She knows the cure for my sadness. She is all I need to uplift me in my time of need.
Math is not easy It makes me queasy The kids in my class quickly fix that Sitting in the middle of all these guys It is hard not to disguise the laughter in my eyes They crack jokes back and forth
Love is when words cannot explain how I feel because everything is finally real. It's when communication isn't the only key for you understand me completely. It's when there's a fight,
Saw you again today. Made me insecure because I didn't know which I wanted to do more;
Approximately 177 days left. Only 177 days left to be a kid. Only 177 days left to have all of the quintessential teen experiences. ONLY 177 DAYS. Should I be scared? Because I am.
I'm just a teenager, But I'm expected to do so much. Win nationals, Get an A in high school classes, Get an A in college classes, Win rodeos, Not have sex, Not drink, Not do drugs.
Salt drops form on my forehead. Eyes burn through my determination. Leaving me stronger than ever. The piercing screams "LETS GO" ices my warm heart and chills my spine. Determined.
Highschool A breeding ground for categorization 
  "One through ten," "Bring a black pen," Class flirt and Class clown, Watch your step so you don't fall down, Morning bell and Friday night band, "Your turn to stand,"
We don't talk about how I cried myself to sleep for months We don't talk about how I didn't want to live any more We don't talk about how I couldn't have children  
I've been where you are That place where nothing seems to make sense  That place where it's you against the world I've been there    I've been to that place 
FIRST STANZA: I bet you feel overwhelmed, full of fear and a tad bit of stress. It's your freshman year, in a new school and don't know what to expect.
My dad said the only way I'll get into college is if I get scholarships There are no miracles , no wishes , or any fancy tricks You work hard for what you want And never give up or in So I thought I'd try for a poem
time on the clock i breathe in *tic toc* and it occurs to me *tic toc* i've been waiting for this moment
They say you spend your whole life rewriting the first poem you ever loved. With you, my dear, you were my first poem. I remember the way I said I loved you, I remember the way you shrugged. The way my heart was stolen.
The first time I made you my hope, my soul cried, Loved one! And from there, I have not let you go, you're the reason for all my passions. With the love to the desired child, I’ve waited for you so patiently, waiting my whole life.
Not knowing what i was going to see I found my self in a place where i wanted to be
It makes my mind go tick tick tick thinking of the things that will make it swift the only thing to get me out my futures what its all about
They’re telling me it’s beautiful. I believe them, but will I ever know the world behind my wall?
I’m sitting on a piano bench in an orange ruffly top while my mother freezes the moment on film. I move to an ugly green chair under flickering florescent lights while a declension is written on the white board.
Sometimes in life there are perfect moments.
I was lost. I was so lost. I was lost in the dark and very far away from home. But I was lost with you. You and your lips and your blonde and your red and your heelies and your tattoos and your music and your books. We were so lost.
I loved you for all of your hurt and your healing. For all of your barbs and your joys. For all of your ups and down and your blacks and whites and your ability to hold on to things better let go. I loved you for your drama and your emotions.
I go to school, isn't it obvious? Sixteen year old girl with a backpack, It's pretty clear to see. I go to classes, then lunch, then class again, Hop the bus, go home, do homework go to bed.
I wasn't prepared for this I wasn't prepared to have to grow up so fast Being 18 and not even knowing how to drive has taken a toll on me Being 18 and not even knowing how to be confident and independent has angered me
Girl you're a cute one, a quiet one The one I really really want one I was lovin' you from a far But I stepped in to feel that fire January's never been so hot Till I shot the question...
Bullies,   They push us around, laugh when we're down
As a teenage high school student, it’s reasonable that one thing always on my mind is school Not only school itself, but the lessons school has given to me
The way I love you Makes Me such a masochist My sweet quiet love
Your kisses hold me hostage      like a barrel to my brain Your scent constricts my breathing      it's like haroine in my veins You came in with guns blazing      and demanded my heart
Senior year ya-hoo; It's almost over for me, This road was log, but Now the clock is tick ticking, I can all but see College looming in the midst; Oh dear Lord, help me!
Beauty What is beauty? I mean true beauty, None of that ‘coat yourself in makeup’ or ‘be like everyone else’ stuff. Beauty is strength. But strength comes from pain.  
Ugh for real? This bus smells like eel... Adolescents sit in the seats chewing gum while listening to their beats.   This place is so ratchet, I want to chop down the, "Swag Tree," with a hatchet.
Brown Eyes They say after suffering from trama you loose memory of what lead up to it But those Brown Eyes I remember darkness cold and bright Brown Eyes
What's on  my mind? Well, most of the time it's this girl. She touches my heart in ways i never thought possible.
  Hush, hush As the words are spread Like jelly on toast And butter on bread   Hush, hush It has been said “Don’t tell a soul or else I’m dead!”   Hush, hush
Roses are
          I hear my highschool singing, the varied carols I hear, Those of athletes, each one singing his as it should be: loud and strong. The outspoken ones, ringing their messages from the rooftops
I remember a thousand little kisses cupcakes, dinners smiles like heaven and a gas tank we never could quite keep full and it was beautiful. 
Validate me, Make me feel heard
Everyone is annoying. Their sickly, saccharine perfumes are cloying,
I do not speak loud
We sit from 7-2 everyday waiting for it to end. Little do we know what will come of us then  We sit in classrooms praying for the bell But what will happen when we leave only the future may tell  
i am tired i have been working all week to ensure that i will have good grades by the end of this semester.
Once upon a dream She lived Lavishly, Where happiness felt clean To the soul of purity  Invited all in unity They laughed endlessly Enjoying the offering of peace  In eternal divinity
For every little babe that looks at a babe of its own, A footnote is attached to both of their minds. Whether or not the younger babe is wanted by the older will forever imprint a little phrase on that footnote;
High School, Not The End But The 13eginning   I remember
A change so exciting, so different, so new New Friends and Old Friends becoming few Parties, Football games, Laughs, The Insane
Some people like to talk as if they  Are kings and queens of the world even though they obviously portray a disgusting clam with no pearl,   Gossip and name-calling is all that they do
Eyes closed … Breathing deep,
It’s 3 in the morning.  
Math taught me that I am not smart enough And that my brain is filled with useless fluff   Science taught me that my atoms are wasted On a kid that will live in his parents basement  
ONE JOB. . . One hope, One ambition. Is what we are made to choose, during our high school days. Before we are 18, and can legally smoke. Before we are 21,
We impatiently waited. Cried, whined, and wimpered. Wishing school would be over, wishing our teenage years away. But suddenly, here we are. In the real world. Everything is so real, nothing is like before.
  Do you remember how we laughed all the silly things I'd say how I smiled across the room
Skyscrapers and boxes while the sound of adolescence crowds the halls.
Senior year, A time where Day by day you Create memories, Knowing they'll die.   Yet you continue, Relentlessly even.   You'll go your own way, He'll go his.
As I wander through the ink, letters and pages.
I'm washed out. Killing myself over how to be the brightest, the one who is bold. The burden I bear on my shoulders the grades, the scores, the wins feels more like boiling water
One job…changed my life.
              Swayed by their emotions running to pick up others
Cameras are flashing Smiles are from ear-to-ear Heart rates increase Tears shed down one's face The sounds of the applause send waves in one's ear Class of 2014 The day finally came.    
The heart beats like a thousand drums When in the face of inquiry to another A yearning soul heard over melodious hums
            I woke up this morning to the wind gnawing through my old windows. I woke up next to my little dog, and the sun slipping through my blinds like love letters pushed under a door.  I woke up at one in the afternoon.
Whipping wind Brushing the top Teetering at the edge I look down.   Rolling slope Does it have an end? A padded conclusion? I am falling down.   Frothy white
If I could change one thing, Let's say about my school, It would be what we represent. Dress. Our dress code is fair And all the teachers our cool, But there's one thing that just gets to me.
I believed it was good to care, But I didn't know there was a limit, Everytime there was bad, I tried to be strong like a bear, Caring too much is overwhelming, and now I believe it,
Heck, do I even know who I am anymore?   I mean, I knew who I was back in middle school… weird, crazy, out-there, cool with everyone… a nerdy, lovable-type kid—that was me   But now I’m in high school
When I feel their stares, I know that I am beautiful. When they compliment me, I know that I am beautiful. If he ignores me, how am I to know That I am beautiful   If you love me,
They sent their kids to get an education But what they got was a nasty situation They thought their kids would be laweyers and doctors They never thought they'd be victims and martyrs   Welcome to hell
In a world where money is fixated and everything is dictatedOn who you know and how you dressThis everyday world is turning into a mess
If I Could Change One Thing By: Kelsey Wilson   If I could change one thing, Of all the things to do –
If I Could Change One Thing By: Kelsey Wilson   If I could change one thing, Of all the things to do –
The mirror stands before me after four years. Finally I can rid myself and make my skin clear.   Pop! There goes my first "F." I cringe and I make noises not found on any clef.  
If I had the chance, I would take a stance. Make myself be heard, find a cure. The numbers are soaring, parents are mourning. Lives are impacted each day. But you see, no ear will hear,
hour by hour school goes by learning is fun! some might say for others its torture lecture after lecture schools for learning not social hour that's for lunch its almost over
Weak children starving in the street, Where is there food for them? Parents letting their children get beat, Where is there safety for them?   Sons and brothers lying dead on the battlefield,
Who do i like you as ask? Like who do i like like? I like no one I like everyone I dont pick and choose I just feel So who do i like you ask? I like you I like everything about you
To stand out in front Guiding and shaping their minds One step at a time
Lonely face while he walks the streetWater from my eyes like sea salt-laden galesThe last they heard from him was a tweetAll she wanted was to hear a taleThe Moon was bright as a lamp-post
A place where you're rediculed, Picked on, Taunted. A place where friends,
To build the fire, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and a new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way
To build the flame, light the cause In the darkest of places, the pain we cause Make ourselves new, and new place will shine through A home of love, without hate We could make ourselves a new way  
Sunlight varnishes magnolia branches crimson
  Abortion is legal What a horrible thing
How sad it is that at sixteen my favorite thing is sleep! I try to buy four hours a night but never get to keep.
Washington, Lincoln, Jackson and Franklin
Your lean over on my head
TrappedNever was myself. Always reminded At my bare locker.Brand names were never My thing.It never seemed to work.Popped collars and Coach
How could one shirt Be different from another? A name Can change the game, my naive brotha .   How could my pants Bring me such shame? An extra sharp design
High School was  The best of times... and the worst of times.
I don’t get how it can be so simple I am 16, white, living in a bubble my whole life I almost had everything ripped away from me, But that was months ago
My tomahawk pride will shortly be coming to an end. Every morning I wake up to the same constant battle, Just my alarm clock And I. I take a cushioned seat among the crowd of seniors, Then the bell rings.
High school has been rough for me. Many times I was angry. The people who I thought were my "friends" decided to turn away. I hated going to school everyday. Sophomore and junior year were really bad.
First Samantha Hyde 
High school days and high school plays Are the same yes? A mask is garnished and worn to a ten; While underneath is you, entirely hidden.
I’ve been counting down the days all semester It's all I've been thinking about since August Leaving Graduating Never looking back Now I’m stopped by something A loathsome feeling
When I was a small child I would dream I would dream reams ha woul ake me far off, the dreams made me an astronaut on a space ship the galaxies were mine to control, i wold surf the skies
He looks at me  And sees my love that is asleep. Through the iron cast bars- Of his baby's mansion . He looks at me like I am ripe fruit. And I think that's fine by me.      
You have no excuse for your cruelty Hypocrites You think you are superior  Because of your intelligence? That is one quality. one aspect. Is that really all that we are?
People tread these hallways full of misery
Sitting, seeing, staring.                                 Sitting, seeing, staring.
I am here. Alone. Engulfed by the masses, a sea of blissful ignorance. Yet still,  Alone. It is so loud. So very loud... Almost too loud.
I'm not much of a poet, and I'm sure that I show it. But if I had to pick something to change, there would be no limits, for those who have spirit, because they have everything to gain.
As we walked through the doors Our hearts were racing, scared to death of what we'd be facing The next four years, we would be in this place The next four years, we would learn every face  
When I was younger, I used to think that  our teenage years would be different.    I thought we'd all be happy  and have boyfriends. But in reality,   we're all depressed.
  And there was a girl who I knew the face of well. I saw her all the time, but I couldn't find her name in my mind.
The world is crazy, but never slowing down  I see so many different people whenever I look around  Black, white, yellow, and red  I see all these people inside my head  But why do we hate the way people look 
What would I change? Shit, where do I start... If only I could eliminate all the times a boyfriend stomped on my heart.  If I could erase all the times I stayed in the house,
Walking through the hallways
  A, B, C, and D,
A book asked me once: If you could take a pill that would make you need only two hours of sleep a day would you take it? And I said: I don’t know
el viento
The bright sun beats down on the laughing people.They scream, they laugh, and they swear.Even in the heat, they wear two pairs of shorts,one pair down to their knees.
4 years of torment 4 years of pain 4 years of life Right down the drain Freshman year You're ripped a part Looked down upon What a great start
  My left foot pressed against my right foot.
Talking to my mothers graveUsed to be the hardest thing everI would just cry my eyes outThinking she would be back never
I want to learn, But not what is being taught. I want to know How to live before I learn About my mathematics, My sciences or my literary devices. Why should we know about
She isjust like everyone else,just like any other girl,liking her clothes and shoesAnd the silly things in life.But then she isn’t.
"It's good enough" "a C+ is passing"  The motivational speech my teachers gave me in high school I know I wasn't that bright, I was told many times I know my struggles with my academics, I see it in my records
“You won’t get into college.”“If you don’t take these classes, you won’t get accepted into the schools you want."
It started with a sharp point and a pink ball on the other side. My thoughts wonder wonderously as the minute hand laps the hour hand. As my heart synced with the clicking of the clock's minutes so did my hand to my heart and mind.
  I'm so confuse alone and a mess, I'm sitting in this fucking desk staring at my messy grades, there worst then a wreck where can i reset?   These teachers don't help,
The places where I went today,
We've all had a teacher who gave a test with many questions
  My Brooklyn is Park Slope filled with perfectly aligned brownstones and mom and popshops; It's the kids who constantly invite me to Prospect Park to smoke a joint,
Staring at the unpenetrable fortress before me, I wonder if this is where I belong. I enter the doors, put my bags on a table, and walk through the metal detector like I'm a criminal.
They want me to become something I’m not. I’ve twisted and turned and bent over backwards in an attempt to fit into their box, But I simply cannot.   It’s never too late, To pass your class they say.
  Administration claims to be unbiased, “Everyone will succeed.” That may be true; But, not by the likes of you.   And the Award goes to, We mutter a name under our breath.
I've know you for a minute but I already love that smile, In fact I love more from your laugh to your style. Its incomparable to any girl that I have ever but I think I've seen you once before somewhere in a dream.
  Take high school seriously Wouldn’t want the smart people giving you sympathy Young women have more pride Be classy or be nothing, darlings you decide Pregnant teenagers popping babies
Just one second, please. The slashes and dashes of that velvet red pen Its pretty intimidating, how your life is judged based off of A grade The number of check marks The percentage.
Hello teachers, principals, and staff, This is our time, our mind, our thoughts, Now step back. Sit down, pay attention, focus
Yeah I got some shit but I ain't said nothin. 
Flourescent Lights assualt me as the dirty school walls swallow my being, my mind,  my will.   The nagging bell barks "class time" and as I sit in your hard plastic boxes which
 Pettiness is all I can say  What goes on at school day after day  He says this She says that
Student: Thump, tap, scratch, groan,                 Clock sounding ticking tock ticking.                 Sigh, glance, slouch, count,                 Steps and monotonous lectures.
I am a student with a matching face and worn frayed edges at the bottom of my pants, I may blend in with the other faces, but I am a sunbathed rock in a river of rocks,
You'd think school is for the education, the diploma, the endless possibilities of ways to go for the future. So many ways I could leave here and go to college, go to work, make some sort of money.
This is the part where we become adults.                                                                                            This free flowing mass of togetherness splits as we twist and turn running through the halls on our last day,towar
  Why can’t you see me?
Do you ever feel, Life is swiftly passing bye, You think about the dreams You loved and wished for And then you start to cry…   Many say dreams are luxury items Wanted but not needed.
Games are played,
Trauma: The Most Powerful Lecture                                                                          By: Matthew Luz  
You want to feed my mind but i leave class hungry. You sit in class and teach but I cant pay attention. I dont understand why i fail, which is so funny. I try and use the bathroom but i need your permission.
The curriculum is based on the standards No time to find yourself or to get passed them The teachers have rules That we have to follow
Yesterday was something special. Just a simple conversation that meant so much. I believe now, that there may be some hope for us, That is not just in my dreams.
Fat Girl in the buffet line,Fills half of her plat
Take a seat,  and close your mouth. Let me torment you instead. The lesson for today, is role reversal; Take a seat  and take it to the head. Let me take my anger out on you,
They call me the actress Because I like to speak I’m wild and daring Not calming or meek But beneath this blonde hair dye Stage make-up of rose Are thoughts much more deep Than what people suppose I see my own faults Though you would never guess I
You are a plague, a sickniss, a damn fever that won't go away.
Do you eve
I wish I could tell my teacher that walking into class a second late isn't missing class instruction. That doing continuous book work for spanish III honors isn't going to help me understand the subjuntives or the present tense of verbs.
Am I a game?  That's what it seems like to me. See, they play me for some quick entertainment. Then some other interesting game gets hot. Then im left on the shelf wanderng, damn.        Am        i boring? Am i scratched? Whats my worth?
Oh Teacher! my Teacher! Our fearful trip is done. My mind has weather'd the exam, The score I sought is won; The end is near The bell I hear, The students all are cheering
Depression stress AnxietyWords linked with school societyWords linked with suicide and liquorThere's something wrong with this picture  Piling up homework, Lower gradeWhat happened to being an aidLack of time and sleepLead students to become weak 
Depression, stress, anxietyWords linked with school societyWords linked with suicide and liquorThere's something wrong with this picture   Piling up homework, Lower gradeWhat happened to being an aidLack of time and sleepLead students to become we
Please think back to when you scolded, those kids with talents you could have molded. Now they're wandering out and about, is it them, or did you doubt?   Try to approach smile and grin,
I wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I know hard work   I shuffle from class to class and fight that need for sleep. I get out of school at 2:05. From 6 -2 I deal with high school.
For what it’s worth I know how you feel I can speak to you but we both know we can’t say the truthI know what it’s like for you and trust me when I sayIt sucks for us too.
Hey you! Stop right there, Those are the five words I never fail to hear. In the hallway or inside the classroom, If a teacher sees you in an outfit a little out of dress code, you are very much doomed.
When I was seventeen in early January of my junior year in high school I picked up a pencil and drew something out of boredom  a doodle of a girl with a bandana in her hair smiling at the sky
Who are you? Are you the one I seek guidance from, Or the one who depresses me? What is your name? Can it be the angelic symbol I follow, Or the projects that surround me? Ignorarnce.
We are voiceless. Our feet are turned to iron. We're lobbed into a torrential river Of expectations. Ideals. They say, “The perfect child is ours. “No flaws here.
The first week of high school is always a bore,with syllabi and “getting to know you” quizzes, and “tips for surviving” lore.
  Teachers don’t work hard nowadays Rather than focus on education They focus on my grades I may have passed your damn class
Yes, I value my education. That's why I'm always asking questions that you never answer. Yes, I am African American. I might not be as golden colored as your favorites, but that doesn't mean I'm ratchet.
In high school I was smart, confident, but quiet Never was one to propose a riot But now I'm in college and I've seen it through What time-worn technology does to you  
Stop Take a second look at me What do you see? Is it obvious to the naked I who I am? Maybe? No Pay close attention What am I wearing? Trendy right? What's in my hand?
You are the teacher. You are “all knowing,” but you don’t see that one girl is showing. You do not see all the judgmental stares, or extreme hatred, through terrible glares.
As they fall from the trees, I see them change colors.
Elementary school, When's nap time? Is it my turn to bring snack? Yayyyy, I can see my friends! Recess time! It's Friday, no homework!
SH*T YOU CANT SAY TO YOUR TEACHER  One sh*it i wish i can tell my teacher is that i honestly dont give two SH*TS about his class.There are many SH*TS i dont give a fuck about or ever will.
To My Beloved Chris,  Something about you makes my heart race  That's why I don't want this to go fast-pace  You are on my mind all day,  During all hours of sleep, work, and play  If you don't want this anymore I'd understand,  But please let me
ay teach why do you do what you do u say your not found of kids but your choose to teach them deadlines, you get mad if we don't reach them but take forever to gradeour work why punish the whole class
As we started in this school, This place where we would learn to use life's tools, We also began to form our views Which, through push or pull, became askew, Young peoples' minds turning to hate.  
Can you believe it's really here?It's October of our senior year. Our class is closer, closer than ever.Why can't this year just last forever?
Sheltered.I had no choiceIn the high school I attendedI am Catholic;Therefore, to a Catholic Ladies' schoolI shall go.
A rush and it's over Cars flash by, lights blink shut Candles flicker, sound crashes along And my head whirls with The Speed of Light A world that never stops moving Never sits and thinks
Sweaty palms and the nervous biting of my nails let me just start by saying that i hate pop quizzes  Confused looks on my face don't mean i am stupid 
the motto use to be no kid left behind. so you tell me one thing is it me or are they blind. 30 kids one teacher now who can do the math. everybody need assistance but he can barely help half.
Forget this Uncanny promblems you give me Can't comprehend what you're even talking about Kill me dead, I know I did the homework   Thank God I have a year left
Well, this is just a phase. High school in general. Were in this phase where high expectations and pressure stress us out. We don't know what to do, so we break down. If this applies to you, your not alone.
It's been going on for too long. They say Rachel has the potential. POTENTIAL POTENTIAL POTENTIAL Is all I hear. Rachel is talkative.  Rachel constantly voices her opinions.
I do everyone else jobs without complaining I do all these things for you, for what, tell me what am I gaining I fail to realize that I have a voice that should be heard
The sun has peaked and at its highest Here still I am without a clue to life even in the slightest This window, fogged, scratched, and tattered Tinted black, without a chance to flee from its fetters
Unfamiliar faces Searching for a match Unchartered places Sinlessness is snatched.   Trying to make a name The end still out of reach Do not get caught up in the game
This is my fight My reason to write Music is my voice and the world is my audience I'll speak my wisdom through a riff and a song and when the world turns their ears I'll show them the wrong.
You're not allowed to be a kid anymore; no more fooling around, be serious; every move you make from here on out will affect the rest of your life;
Rusty chairs, torn books. Broken clocks, dirty looks. 50 student class with no desire to learn. Dried out markers, low salary to earn. Scary teachers, bullies and cliques. Broken lockers no one will fix.
the cyber bullieslike to hideyou want to knowreasons why cause in realthe games they playthe hurt they makethey cant get away
with some of these teachers i just want to use profanity they talk and talk and talk i think i just might lose my sanity they can go off on so mant irrelivant rants
High School Dropouts "Don't worry" they say "Ill work for the rest of my life.."  and so they drop out not knowing of what is in to come for the future 
Deadlines Closing in, a crouching tiger Waiting for me to fail, say something wrong As if I didn't hate myself enough already "Quit making excuses, there was plenty of time for this assignment"
For what reasonwould I ever want to come back here?There is sickening staleness in the air,winter breeze coming from the heat ductsand no one is friendly,including you, Mr. Authority.My discipline report
Prithee tell me, high school When does it stop being cool To kiss the Queen Bee's feet? She may be full of honey But she's anything but sweet. Her eyes shine much like diamonds
I thought that I was normalThe average teenagerWho stressed about the futureThat loomed on my horizonAnd watched Pixar moviesAnd had nerf gun warsBecause adulthood was waitingTo snatch my childhood up
First I started out counting and learning colors. Man, I Felt so much smarter than the others. Challenges grew harder, my brain was expanding. Reading, writing and math were knew to my understanding.
To the Teacher Who came in Ten minutes late to first period Because your car Broke down. Whose lesson plan is a last minute mess because You recently found out your husband is cheating.
Dear School Administration, Why do you take my body paint, my megaphone, and my wig? My build up of happiness is instantly snapped like a twig. You all clamor for school spirit and participation, is that not so?
Clock ticking            Time slipping A droning sound A droning sound A droning sound Fallen heads With drooping ears Drooling lips Snoring noses.   A class about myths
The scenery around us is full of perfume and desperation. Individuals enter the school halls with hidden feelings and failing fears. Make shift masks are our uniforms.
Dear Teachers We are not all delinquents Nor are we all against you Please don’t scream at us all For the faults of a few   We are not all lazy bums But please consider that
You need help You beg and plead Your eyes are wide Your wrists bleed   Who can help you? You're lost and hopeless Your parents won't listen You feel almost boneless  
As I speed-walk through the halls, I encounter many different faces. Posters plastered on the walls,  Come to the game! Watch guys in tight pants run the bases!   But I do not care.
  What can I tell you about my school? It’s okay, nothing special Been with the same kids year after year Been with the same teachers year after year It tends to get monotonous Hearing the same drama
Graduation hurts, Senioritus comes too fast, Depression is here.
I walk in late to class again , but I do not care. The lessons you write up are incomprehenisble,  and Your monotone voice has left me to just stare. My eyes are wide open , but I'm not paying you any attention.
Why.. why do we live in world full of challenges? Waking up in the morning is a struggle. If only I lived in the world of Harry Potter so I wouldn't be a muggle. The hustle of getting ready and eating breakfast  oh..
The youth is struggling For a voice A mega-phone world wide message "We are here, we exist, looking for some acceptance"   The words dangling empty promises on posters in empty hallways read
This place sucks hard core I just want to graduate Need mature people
They say education is important So why can’t it be When you’re sitting at your desk with your hands between your knees Students sigh in advance when you pass out a test
Hey teachers, I was an eighteen-year-old senior, a hispanic female with the classic features. I focused on what I needed to do but still got distracted. But I was appaled by how some "students" and "teachers" acted. 
Walking through the hallways, a million things going through my head Some of these classes made me feel dead Most teachers care, some don't Because it's only money they want.
Oh! For my school The things I would change Everything.  
Junior year and so much pressure for a test, "You HAVE to do good!" "You have to be the best!" But for what? It's just a stupid sheet of paper That's supposed to tell where I will be later.
They talk. They talk and talk, and talk, AND TALK, Until mine own voice of truth and reason is drowned  By voices of lies and deception.   They believe. They believe
Three famous words of Shakespeare   I've spent thirteen years of my life in school I think I'm ready for another 4 plus.   I saw the heartbreaks; the failures; the successes
High School   You get four years to figure out your life, You’re the one that puts up with all the toil and strife,
This girl who is she?  What is her means ? She has been throrugh alot Alot of things you have never seen. They say she's jamaican but is that all to her ? She seems that she has something else to offer.
Sometimes we forget that in this varied world Among the mix of backgrounds Ethnicities Languages Or whatever makes you stand out There are people like me Filling in the "White" box
A dream is supposed to be love and keen but a dream deferred can prevent even the craziest dream Will you let color, age or sex defer your dream? or will you trust, believe, love and achieve,
I want to be a parachute I want to know where the wind will take me.   I don't want anything holding me down. I want to know what it's like to be free to be beautiful to be uplifted by nothing
You are a sturdy candle. Melted wax in a glass jar. I am a smaller, more dangerous tea light, not prone to shatter, but capable of faster fire. Some days your light does not shine on me; the wick refuses to twist and melt hot wax in my direction.
A gift card was given to me, It was alive not with spending power but with literature, The concept was familiar but I would have to spend the last cent, in order to understand it’s true worth, or its lack their of.
He is a musical man, say the numerous awards and medals hanging on the wall and shelves in his room; a composer too, say the many pieces of music marked “Send to publisher” on his desk; and a good singer,
I'm barely holding on, I'm slowly letting go of this thing called reality, that's served its final blow I can't keep fighting, I'm not moving forward if anything, backwards, from this unrealistic torture
It hits hard like a stick on a drum it tears things apart, leaving you numb waiting until you're vulnerable, it takes you by surprise then striking fast it takes the ones, that were always by your side
this isn't my home, it's a temporary hell but I won't stand here and say, "Oh well" I'm sick of this life, I'm sick of this pain I'm tired of living, I'm mentally drained
High School, a dreaded place for learningStarting so very early in the morningA place whre relationships are madeAnd a place where they sometimes fade
The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings.
They say young love doesn't last long. I'm hoping we can prove them wrong. Let's take it back to when we first met. You was posted up looking at the basketball net. The first thing I notice was your eyes.
The daily torture you can't escape the fearful days you have to face when you walk in, they all stop talking when you walk past, they all start laughing you sit alone everyday
Why is it Im your student why am I less than you Im just as capable  Im just not as experienced  I know what I'm  doing I try hard I work hard so why is 
All that I’ve known for four years Will I remember this when I walk across the stage? My eyes full of tears.. of joy You see, you teachers pretend to care
Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry. That what goes through my mind. Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry.  That what I feel like in the inside. Drama, Action, Stop, and Cry. Crying is a weakness it eats you alive.
YOU By Brittany Simon   You see my name but not my face You see my grade but not my state You hear my voice but not my words You hear the words but don’t know a verb
Who would of know my private catholic school would feel like a prison We are "followers" of Christ but it all just feels like a courpt dictatorship. They try to show us off like puppets,
Teachers are blind. There is so much they don't see. So much they don't understand. About us, The students.   "Getting to know you" activities aren't fun, They're uncomfortable.  
Coming to school to teach us lessons, Makes us learn the different connections, We have attended school for 13 years, It makes me wonder what grinds your gears, Very few students value their work,
In elementary school, I was told: To look both ways before crossing the street, Do not run with scissors Don't cheat in hide and seek. Friends are forever, And secrets are kept discreet.   
School is dull. Classes have blank walls,Walls that cry for attention. Textbooks are words on a page,You might be lucky to create a word searchAmong the letters.
    Why do you teach History in English? You've got it all wrong. Why teach about English in History? Why don't you just switch jobs! I'm tired of getting confused. I'm tired of worrying about my grades. You said you'd grade my work a week ago.
      School is long I had it with it School is boring I just want to hit my desk and start snoring School has to many techers nagging at everything you do School School School what exactly are you
I raise my hand, you call on me.I ask a question, you answer me.I need help, you help me. We don't do our homework, you lecture us.We don't pay attention, you make us.We don't remember assignments, you remind us.
HaHaHa So much to say But I'll just say a few My routine That's what I'll do I wake up at 5:30am Go to the bus stop And go to school You know the usual I go to jail I'm sorry
My intentions are good But I stay in the same place And worry too much for tomorrow   Or what my next meal will contain Instead of playing it by minute   I'll work on taking chances
Never take a backseat Because you have a smile Along with a heartbeat To me, you're worth it   I could be your muse Or in the right world (Something I could use) You would be mine
There will be spikes, black cats and booby traps Whispers and secrets and lies   There will be liars, decievers, and non-believers Who won't look you in the eyes  
  Sitting here Wishing to make a change. Remember high school Like they were the good ole days!   Missing the family A high school had. Missing the atmosphere That we all had!
You look down on me-those cold, calculating eyes Just watching, waiting, prowling around my work-waiting for me for me to fail And when I do: NO!  That powerful word
  I guess Tomorrow was yours, too Because you took it from My Hands, How arrogant so yesterday couldn’t fill you and you could not be hungry, yes
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
You see what you want me to see, but yet you do not see what you're supposed to see. I went home both days and nights, sitting there, fighting my own fights. No teacher, no staff, no parents; no one
There is never a wrong answer, yet mine is never right You flaunt your opinion around like it's a fact not yet verified We try to live up to your standards, but no one knows how to
Once upon a timeRemember when that meantHappily ever afterYoung and childishYou read stories of Cinderella and Snow WhiteBut today I grew upToday Once upon a time Means a child’s story
I am lost in a sea of unknown faces, blurred and unimpressionable.  Blending into the class room walls. Spending the school year doing nothing but filling in a desk, and saying present when called upon.
Hello, my name is Becky and I'm: A fighter of my own, A sister who's shadowed, A daughter who's compared but I'm bold! I always try to do what I'm told even if I know I'll regret it
Adolescence is only but a piece in my puzzle Its reminiscence cascade in parts that portray the whole image Appearing in glossy bent forms, But my experiences are only components of my
Endless school days Repetitive weeks Express problems In dire need of critique Walking on campus Is walking a runway Your mind is flooded With words they don't say
Another year, another round. Third time's a charm and yet none I've found. Thy upper division courses slay me, The level of work is damn near deadly.   One would think I'd crumble,
School.. It ain't for fools It'll never be cool ! Hey there sir, miss, profesors and principal I think, that it is really critical I must say, there is alot to change in this school
Dear Administrators,  You treat us all like names, just names on an enrollment sheet yet you refuse to take the blame. You say "We know what's best", you say "We've seen it all",
Traps entangle the young soldiers’ feet. They march carefully forward, Hoping to avoid being caught in the scheme.   The trenches of which they follow, Are the source of the younger generation’s,
In school I learned about english and bullying Judgement, math, and the flaws of schooling. But there are some things my teacher didn't tell me Things that the new me is scared of knowing.
Cold hard seats.  I tug at my sweater a little more. The A.C. kicks on And I feel like meat Hanging in a locker. Tap. Tap. Tap. The girl in front Of me taps her pencil Against the desk. 
Do you care That I am hurting, that she is confused. That he is perverting, that they are excused. Do you hear The demeaning lies, and the profane noise. The freshman's cries, and the bully's ploys.
  I want to know you Not in the, “yeah we’re friends she’s great” way All of you   I want to know your favorite book and why I want to know what makes you smile
Funny how people doThings they shouldn't.Just because they thinkNo one's watching.Unlike others I alwaysSee them happen.
I want to change my stars,  I'd rearrange the heavens just to hide my scars.  With this desparate need for the right directions, i have strayed from my past intentions. I let the flame fizzly out,
  Sometimes I am strong But sometimes I am weak To be honest A life of true happiness Is all I seek   Yes You can shower me In a waterfall of silver
High School is about One dream that we all persue Only some acquire.
It all begins on a yellow limousine, Driving down cracked and crooked roads where strays creep, The first morning you'll look your best, Put on the biggest attitude to match the 'L' on your chest, 
The roommate   Why me? The roommate from hell Was mine   Why me? She made fun of me And stole my things   Why me? She made me cry
They say listen to your heart, don't listen to your mind, But what they don't realize is that's just a waste of time. You got people over here actin' like they cool,  Tryna' be popular but they really old school.
On the latest day in august, i thought back to 2009 you could smell the feat of freshman year, and the sweetest summertime. timid timid kids with anxious smiles flooded empty halls.
One, two, three, four Red, yellow, blue, and more Five, six, seven, eight Raise your hand and sit up straight These things we learn in elementary They stay with us more than a century  
See when I was younger my momma said when you turn 18, You either go to college or get a job or you won't be staying, In my house. So every since the 9th grade I've been grinding,
Im behind these cold bars can no longer see the stars  the only sound i hear is the wind pushing into the cars.   Although not, i feel alone the pressure filled inside me is pressing against my dome
I. I despise you, Thesis Statement! In this relationship you are nothing if not Frustrating, irritating, and slightly intimidating
Do you hear  those words you speak? Lying of fear of what they'll think   Venom pumping in my veins I'm going to ignore those pains Slanderous Scandal! She wants me slain  
Teenage years coming to an       end Happier days to come, my friend It's finally college time Ready for the change Title changes from kid to adult Exactly what we were waiting for
Our love is infinite,My heart dancing and yours prancing,It’s on par with each other,We understand each other in many ways,Like water colliding together becoming one.
You tell me you love me, Yet you treat me like dirt. Everything is a game with You; and you play with my heart.   It gets me to wonder, It gets me to wonder.   The way we share smiles,
  F**k the old me, I’m the new me, a past life full of groupies/ Controlled by tv and movies, "b***hes and money" is what I need, see my greed?/ Sex was to join the cool kids, sit at their table, and power enabled/
I write because,       the pen is the only thing that understand me.       And the paper; the only thing that listens.   I write because of hard times,       because of bad times.
Just waking up on a summer day Maybe it's noon or later okay You stretch for your phone just to see Message Received "Hey it's me(:" Groaning and complaining you reply 
Heart trembling, mind racing, palms sweaty, thinking.....  Will the good thoughts roll or will the bad thoughts take control As life unfolds the crincles in the paper leave me caustrophobic in a tight place 
I think involuntarily upon a distant shore, That placard of choice is miles away – Sweet child, I wanted more Than tranquil hope speckled with a superfluous sea, Gaspard knew before us all of the tremulous roar
She sits there, out in front of us, a fearful look scrawled across her face. Her voice , that at first, seems as though it’ll crack; nervous, uncertain, and afraid.
Leaving this place Still not knowing the value of X An unspoken race Formed by society No piety Creativity
Go ahead, I know I'm mean I'm bearly turning seventeen Say what you want, it can't bother me I'm too grown up, to read what you put type about me   School is important, I'm keeping my eye on that
One day I slipped down a rabbit hole, I decided to stay. I made cute rhymes, made time pass every day. I took A.P english at tea time with Mad Hatter,
As I walk through the halls, I can’t help to think The time is near, our time is finally here I’ve been to many graduations, sometimes joyous and sad occasions The time is coming to say final good byes
Fake concern listened, but not heard I wonder times if what I say matters to anyone anyway
I was wondering if someon could explain to me this word. One that's overrated and used by something over herard. I'm sure they perfer to give me a synonym to bend me in this ceaseless seach from the meaning of this word.
Paper wisps right of my forehead, the sun the left, love – the unconditional kind I feel that gold Still hot when we’re done And embraces are given. This invisible leap our youth takes
what happened to our worldwhat happened to ours boys and ours girlswhat made them look down at the people in their phonesinstead of the ones the ones in their homes
Giving a scholarship to a young man or girl it may not be a large sum, but it could change their world All you have to do is make a poem..for others to read It would be smart for all to apply,Yes Indeed. 
I know I said that there is nothing else to know about me, But there is something you need to know, Just one little thing, Let me start by saying:   I know I love you, And that you love me,
If i could cry the ocean drywould the color of my eyes wash out?And would my mouth be permanently downcastIf i stopped smiling for years to come?Would i forget how?If smiling takes less muscles than to frown
Have you ever had to deal with the pain, deal with the tears?Deal with the weight of the sadness that comes with a broken heart? Maybe you have, but have you had to deal with these all by yourself, 
You become involved: Alacritously enslaved, Momentarily deranged. You aim to please: Naturally gregarious, Unintentionally capricious. You realize you have needs: Much too late,
My report card came home today.When my dad saw it, he began to shout,"Two C's, Three B's, and only one A?!"There was nothing I could do but pout.
I believed my heart was scattered, thrown away like it didn't matter, I assumed that love wasn't real, and that time never heals. Exiled to travel a lonely wasteland, that's where I saw you, maybe an illusion, maybe I'm confused.
  The first time I admitted it was over text I knew I was about to make my life a mess "It gets better" was the chant I held on to the only way I could face that girl in school
Is it wrong to feel unwantedIn a world so bigIs it bad to feel haunted By something you never did Is it scary to question Why we're all even here?Or is it human nature...To fear?
I remember how I used to want to be like Left Eye, Queen Latifah, or MC Lyte Record labels are hard to get so, I thought it was worth a fight However Nipsey Hussle was my biggest inspiration
I never truly belonged;  lived in a house that was not my home Day in and day out people did me wrong And my only solace was found in writing songs.  
Playing Video Games Strolling for walks Giving Piggy Back rides to one another Red roses on Wednesdays Purple Dresses for Prom Dressing like a doctor to mend my wounds
  Wish we could be the same again  When I was happy with you  All I wanted to do was be with you  But i can't because you can't see  What I want us to be All that we've been through 
  I remember elementary school When they told me the rules "A poem has to rhyme And it's all about the syllables."   I remember in seventh grade When my thoughts would fade.
                                                                          Imagine yourself wearing a yellow star everyday being labeled a Jew
I remember the laughing times I remember the heroic things I know the love you use to gave And I know the love you received
  De pequeños buenos amigos Somos aunque hermanos seamos. Juntos a dragones peleábamos Y a la princesa rescatábamos.  
  Eres algo inexplicable que puedes aparecerte y hacer tu trabajo cuando menos eres esperada Nadie sabe si le sirves al de arriba o al de abajo Sólo sabemos que puedes estar ahí solamente al estar en nuestro trabajo
High school was full of cuts, sluts, and drugs. Ultimately, everyone wanted to be loved.   Searching… Searching for an outlet to plug Searching for meaning in thugs
The artificial smiles, the spewing lies, The uninterested lovers, and partners in crime, The "must focus" and pushes as the way to the door, The success of our futures is what we were here for,  
As i stand, confident as a lion, feeling like im on top of the world, people come in to terrioze,  thinking they are winning, but there not, I may have my days, but in the end....
A mission. A mission. what am I to do? High school and college intend to point me right to:   The purpose of my days, the job I am to do. Why do I feel so lost, torn and confused?
At first is exciting then its a blur, pretending to be popular as if you were, making new friends that you'll have till the end laughing and joking until you bump heads although its a journey a clear road lies ahead
  As my graduation draws near, A dark cloud rains guilt on my soul. She will never see her day. She will never walk to the beat with her classmates, As they signify the end of their road together.
Is there anyone out there that is listening?
i guess i am lost i cant really  focus on the passing faces it doesnt really matter because i guess i am lost i reach the staircase shoulder to shoulder we stand my mind drifts, i become a soldier
When ones so close to death You didn't even notice you took your last breath Your still alive and yet there's so much hope We all pray here Left with cope Your still young you've got so much left to see
we're getting farther everyday your gone and I need your touch upon my skin for that pulse that drives me
When you see me you would think, There goes a strong young man. Never close to breaking him, He feels as much as a tin can. And if you asked me now, this is what I'd tell. I've never shed a tear
Today I am graduating from High School. so i want to tell you things i have learned in high school that the classroom cant teach you.
In all the calculations I haven’t really done, I’ve come to realize that In four years, I’ve suffered from The rocking of a coach buss that Always made me nauseous For enough time to
My head hurts. Counting days. I run dripping paste, more exaggerated than Pollack, to spread on converse and heels. I begin to open jars in June classes, and April locker rooms,
I don’t know how to feel about the day to come Mixed feelings of nostalgia and anticipation overwhelm me I go back to that musty school yard field The field I thrived on and learned who I was on
Lively, smiling I once use to be, Before a thing hit me called reality What was that? You don’t like what you see? That’s alright, I’ll change profusely. Oh, not to your interests either?
Unyielding as the door Take notice of my tears as they beat the bathroom floor I open my mouth but no sound comes out Transparent and free moving like the wind blowing by
Clickity clackity whirrrrrrr zip zap Whispering chatter head starts to hurt Squeakity squakity crickity crack Musical distraction focus is blurred
Some of the kids would go silent when I walked by in the hall Look at anything but me Or sometimes they'd laugh at me They knew They'd call me a loser, a freak Saying things about my mom
Remember I was shattered, broken With only myself to put back together The warped and scattered pieces of me Friends hid, few stood by As I found myself after the storm A girl who longs for more
Tick-tock goes the clock as the time passes by Everybody dressed in blue smiles and cries The day of graduation was finally here It was time to celebrate the end of senior year
he human mind is quite the composition With boundless seas of thoughts, tamed only by inhibitions--small dams, if you will Laced with never-ending threads of emotion; like exquisite pieces of silk
They say we're a drug school, but thats only halfway true. They try to stay cool when they hear, "Hey, you!" But when its not them, they continue.
I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine. Best friends forever, No matter how far away. We'll find the means To stay that way. I'll start walkin' your way, You start walkin' mine.
What happened to our friendship? Why did you leave? We were so young, we were so naïve. We didn’t know what a terrible plight And now we are stuck in this miserable spite. Maybe we can survive,
What we had is nothing but a memory now And that is all it will ever be from now on
I am alone, yet not lonely. I am unique, although I am just like you. I love, but I am not in love I care, and do not let myself be cared for. I wish, and cannot hope. I am living, yet I am not allowed to live.
I miss the innocence in elementary 
 when we were k-i-s-s-i-n-g 
in a tree, you and me, 
because I’d rather worry about cooties than an STD. 
You see,
 when a boy liked a girl, he could almost guarantee
It is loud. I find it hard to move and sometimes it's hard to breathe. Claustrophobia, and a fear of the unknown. I'm just ten feet from the target now, and he stops me.
If high school was compared To a growing flower bud I wonder if you’d dare Step foot inside the mud
what should I do which side to pick in this battle in my mind that’s killing me inside my heart chooses one society chooses one and I pick one and I pick wrong and I know it’s wrong
Lets take our last bows together to remind everyone of our fight our determination; The endeavor. It all comes to a close tonight.
in highschool i’ve had this nagging feeling of inadequacy I never have enough money to buy what i want and there is never enough time to sleep my licence is not coming quick enough i think i’ve had enough
The decibel of your voice Makes my ears start ringing; I stand there silent by choice Such self-control isn’t easy.
Two people in love Such a beautiful thing. Like the voices and laughter, And the songs that we sing. But you changed your mind Like that old cliche "It's not you, it's me," And you threw it away.
New faces bring new thunderstorms The smell of fresh rain on pavement shows change in the air The lightning flashes a bright sky for a split second The moment rips away as thunder claps the same old darkness back
Lies. So beautiful upon your face and flesh. They roll off your tongue like honey. Smooth and glistening like liquid silver. Elixir that sustains your phony swagger.
Be aware if you dare stare i don't care i have everything being my teddy bear its ok if you dont like me but i bet my life you wont doubt me because i have potential like no other
Today I am 17, soon to be 18 and it wont be long until adults will respect me, youth will reflect me. But I just sit here in my room waiting for Peter Pan to come. Before
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
I’ve daydreamed myself invisible. Lost in the blur of faces, names, laughter, colors. The school hallways are Tetris, and I’m a piece trying to fit before I am crowded out. Crowds.
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