Take a seat


Take a seat, 

and close your mouth.

Let me torment you instead.

The lesson for today,

is role reversal;

Take a seat 

and take it to the head.

Let me take my anger out on you,

raise my voice for no reason,

get mad over the smallest things,

and attempt to get even.

You try to explain yourself,

but it's considered as talking back.

I continue to argue with you,

about the intelligence that you lack.

You didn't understand the problem,

but I still expect a solution.

You didn't even have a start,

let alone a resolution.

So take a seat in where I've placed you,

and prepare to take in a lot,

get ready to be judged 

far more than you are taught.



I love to rhyme, so rhyming would be my favorite part. 

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