Dreams Delayed By Dollars


My dad said the only way I'll get into college is if I get scholarships

There are no miracles , no wishes , or any fancy tricks

You work hard for what you want

And never give up or in So I thought I'd try for a poem


And see if I win All of my life I've received A's and B's

I've always pictured me going to college

And in the future, living my dreams

But suddenly I was heart broken to what my realization was

My dad can't afford for me to go to college

Even though I know he wants me to, he really does


So why does college have to be so expensive?

An education that seems to be a necessity these days

Shouldn't put young adults in debt

And leave them with sorrow and possible regret


Education is something beautiful and spread everywhere you go

So why put students in future bankruptcy

Where they will never have enough money, they'll always be low

Some don't even bother with college

Even after years of wasted hard work and well learned knowledge

So many young adults can't afford the thousands of dollars

Even if it means the end of the dream to be an educated scholar


So here is one speaking through a poem

Trying to have money for college, so I can make it somewhere

Because I know without a college degree, it seems to be rare

Hopefully in the future , teens wont have to struggle to pay for school

But who am I kidding , economy is cruel



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