Welcome to Hell

They sent their kids to get an education

But what they got was a nasty situation

They thought their kids would be laweyers and doctors

They never thought they'd be victims and martyrs


Welcome to hell

Where the inocent cry


Welcome to hell

Where the demons thrive


Welcome to hell


Ashley was straight A an innocent girl

She entered high school and to a nasty world

The girls harass her almost everyday

With nasty comments on her instagram page

She tells authorities but it don't work

Some say it's nothing just typical girls

Others say nothing that they can do

They want to help but don't know what to do

Her parents plead with the bullies' parents

But they don't care they're just nonchalant

One morning her had found her dead

She had OD'd on Ambien


Welcome to hell

It's a demon's land


Welcome to hell

And they don't give a damn


Welcome to hell


Jimmy was only 11 years old

But elementary was unbearable

The kids hurt him 'cause they thought he was gay

But those who knew him said that he was straight

He don't get help cause it's all in vain

H tried one time but it increased the pain

One night he kissed his mom goodnight

And hung himself with the clothes line


Welcome to hell

It's where anythinggoes


Welcome to hell

Hardly any control


Welcome to hell

Where the innocent cry


Welcome to hell

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Ja'Ana white

I love it . Felt everything . So powerful. It just shows how the school, kids ,parents,cops, are nowadays.

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