My Name

Do you ever just want to scream at your teacher?

To make them notice you

So what if I am not an athlete

I got the class high score on the last test
Wheres the congrats in that?

Im sorry, I didn't know that in order to get noticed

I had to be a varsity athlete

or a straight a straight A student

But I am more important than my B+ sitting in the grade book

More important than the number on the back of my non existent sports jersey

I refuse to be just another name in the class of 2014

When you hand me my diploma,

Shouldn’t you know who I am?

but no

I am just another student to most


But its my fault right?

I didn’t volunteer enough in class

and when i did,

My thoughts weren't phenomenal enough

I didn't shoot the winning basket

or stop a slap shot with my stick side hockey glove

Oh no, teachers don’t have favorites

They treat everyone equal

Just some more equal than others.


So teachers, this is for you guys

Screw you

I’m sorry I was not good enough to get your attention

I’m sorry that I did not run my mouth enough to make you notice me

I’m sorry that I was not the perfect student

I’m sorry I was not who you wanted me to be

But I am NOT sorry for being me


You may not notice me now

Or the passion and ability I have

But when you see me on the 5 o’clock news, 5 years from now

Doing great things

You will remember my name.


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