The Truth of High School


The first week of high school is always a bore,
with syllabi and “getting to know you” quizzes, and “tips for surviving” lore.

But after that very first, almost eternal week of pain,
you discover which teachers you like, and which ones you disdain.

The one who tries too hard to be cool, the one you’ve already met,
the one that you never realize has made you their “teacher’s pet.”

And then there’s always one who doesn’t really do their job,
who much prefers to give you a worksheet, and then nap like a dog.

The food in the cafeteria; would you even call it “food?”
Every time you eat it, you’re sick enough to get the school sued.

The bathrooms are the worst, stinking more than trash in the sun.
And I’m telling you now to bring your own soap, because more than likely, there’s none.

The cheerleaders are allowed to wear their uniforms in school,
even though their skirts are far from following the “dollar bill” rule.

I see girls getting away with wearing skirts that are way too short for them,
But if I wear a skirt that is literally “dollar bill” length, by a teacher I am condemned.

They say that high school’s amazing, that it’s a time to discover who you are.
But those people have lied, because high school will give you scars.




I know not all high schools are like this, but mine is.

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