I Am...

I AM...

a little girl with pigtails running around the playground full of life with not one worry in the world.

NOW I AM... 

a preteen girl with attitude whose body is transitioning into a young lady with a couple of worries in the world. 

NOW I AM... 

a teenage girl with image issues who wonders what it's like to be "that girl" who gets all of the boys and has the awesome body, who wonders if starving herslef will do the job, me being the one with a lot of worries in the world. 

NOW I AM... 

a high school senior with emotions who is planning the nest chapter in their life, wishing I could go back because I'm not ready for the next step. I don't have anything figured out and I'm not ready to be on my own. I am still that teenage girl with image issues. I am still that preteen girl with attitude. I am still that little girl with pigtails. 

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