High School Dropouts


High School Dropouts

"Don't worry" they say "Ill work for the rest of my life.." 

and so they drop out not knowing of what is in to come for the future 

Everything is fine until a big tornado of problems come into their lives

Then the struggle comensed............

They lost their jobs due to the economy and couldn't find new ones

All the jobs required GED/Diploma for them to hire

and so they went on into their lives living sad and poorly 

Did all those things people do when desperate for money

Regretting they dropped out of highschool wishing they had kept going

"It's too late now.." they said.. Not knowing it wasn't 

Although it was going to be more difficult for them to study and earned that education

It is never too late but that's what they didnt know..

Giving up all hope because their life was too hard

All because of one stupid choice  

It is never too late

Don't give up 

Don't dropout




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