This Year

This Year by Gaby L. This year? This year?Oh man, I'll try and explain it as best as I can,But this year was a tough one. College admissions,Life decisions,All taking place at the same time. I cried.  I'm not going to lie. I'm strong and proud now,But I was weak for a while.I was weak and yet I was in denial.I went from being seventeen, to a fragile child. This year,My biggest dreams were crushed. My dreams melted like the ice caps. And if that wasn't enough, The oceans they becameAll dried up. All gone. Kind of like when you miss your favorite song playing on the radio. You wanted to take that moment to dance,But it was taken away before you even got a chance.  This year, I lost a few friends. I'm in the process now of learning how to be myself without them.  This year I gave everything I had,But even that wasn't enough.  This year I plummeted, but grew exponentially.Next year I want to do things differently.  This year I wanted things that were impossible for me to get. This year I did some things that I want to forget.  Stronger now than I ever was before. That's what tough years are made for.  

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