Sh*t You Can't Say to Your Teacher

Tue, 10/01/2013 - 17:03 -- Jamiee


Katy, Texas
24757 Grand Harbor Dr. #231
United States
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The shit I wish I could tell my teacher would probably get me supended. But once the shit I wish I could have said probably would have saved my arm. Bullying was killing me inside. Going through all differnt changes with my body and feelings. Coming to realize I like girls was killing me. Shit I can't tell my teacher is "hey I think I'm a lesbian".Kids through paper at me, teacher ask is anything wrong.. Shit I can't tell my teacher. Mom now tripping and now about to kick me out the house. Shit i can't tell my teacher, I'm about to be homeless with nowhere to go and no way to pay for college. I wish I could tell my teacher. Bullies won't leave me alone and now I'm homeless. This shit I need to tell my teacher.... But how? Cuts up and down my arms, cloths ripped, hair not done, how could they not see it. High school is killing me, emotionally and physcially. Shit I can't tell my teacher. I would get supended maybe.. or would they really help me. Homeless, lonely and abused mentally.. How could they never know? Shit I can't tell my teacher.


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