Love ?


I was wondering if someon could explain to me this word. One that's overrated and used by something over herard. I'm sure they perfer to give me a synonym to bend me in this ceaseless seach from the meaning of this word. This word love burdens me with confusion wondering if it's a mire allusion, delusional aspect of life that can be viewed upon as something that makes everything right or has you up all night. Wondering what's on that significant others mind at that exavt time. Has you write poems that rhyme with corny titles like "Be mine" or "You're one of a kind" but yet still no one can truy define this word called love. The only thing they explain to me is that love is an intimacy that can't be defined with literacy occasionally lyrically but it really isn't specific with the true exquisite passion when you feel this word. That this word love is indescribable, undeniable, that it will be lefft to stand as the undefinable. So I came witht he conclusion that this word love cannot be real. That it was sonly infatuation that you temporarily feel. So I shoved aside this momentary distraction of jexamining loves reaction. My mind was fully set but then you happened. It started out slow, it felt really incredible almost the inevitable. But it was more than just the physical it was the chemical. That out of every selection I found heaven and perfection in a visual such as yourself. Making me feel all these emotions that I never knew could be felt. I guess this world with remain un-described and undefined too. But honestly I don't mind spending my life trying to find this word with you.


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