Why I Write.


I never truly belonged; 

lived in a house that was not my home

Day in and day out people did me wrong

And my only solace was found in writing songs.


When you're the oldest of eight and your parents are nowhere to be found

You have to kind a way to block out all of the sounds

A way to relieve the stress when you find yourself tightly wound

And to keep your head in the clouds while your feet are on the ground.


That's why I love writing...because it keeps me from going insane

I don't have pretend to fit in or even try to be vain

I don't have to worry about people using me for personal gain

I can just sail smoothly like there's no other cars in my lane


No one will judge or lie to me, l can truly find my "happy place,"

I don't have to feel worthless, useless, that I'm taking up space

What others have said to hurt me aren't even worth my time or my grace

And I don't have to worry about feeling incompetent because that isn't even the case.


I write because...sometimes reality is too hard to deal with

I write because...I can write a happy ending

I write because...when the whole world turned its back on me, it's all I really had

I write because...writing saved my life


Writing helped me get through my darkest days and gave me the hope of seeing a breakthrough

Words that flowed from my mind to my hand found itself written on my paper

In the midst of all of the pain I went through, I was able to create something beautiful

I could hide my pain and channel it into something worth while.

Writing means the world to me, it was one of my earilest passions

And I never have to overthink it, it just comes naturally for me

Writing made all the difference in my life

It chronicled all of my triumphs and my turmoil

I won't forget where I came from because of my writing

But I also can see how big the world is and how far I can go because of my writing,

When I had no friends, my family let me down, and I couldn't see my purpose

Writing was there for me and let me scream as loudly as I needed to

I could be as candid as I'd like, I didn't have to censor myself nor did I have to share my innermost thoughts.


I write because writing is life sustaining, like sunlight and oxygen

Writing gives me hope and allows my creativity to flourish

Like a plant growing, my writing helps me to fully bloom and nourish

I write because that's where I found my soul in the midst of darkness

Writing was the lamp that guided me through the night




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