If I knew what I know now, Things would be way different then they are now, no lien, no cheating, no stealing, just love, and more love in the air when it comes to people around me they down me, some people even call me ugly ,fat or just mean mug me ,I pay attention, but I just go about my business .I try to not let it get to me ,but it does it hurts me deeply ,just to feel the pain of hearing you’re not skinny or being a size 22 instead of a size 2 it hurts really when the people close to you make fun of you when there around others ,being your “friend”, their post to have you back. Some people think I’m pretty, but now many of those people change their opinions. At the end of the day it takes a true solder to walk through pain that she has gained from the ones who” loved “her once, the ones that lied to her, and the ones that dissed her she walks with her head high!! High to the sky knowing better days will come. Haylea. E. Riley

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