Claustrophobic Spaces


United States

Flourescent Lights assualt me

as the dirty school walls swallow my being,

my mind, 

my will.


The nagging bell barks "class time"

and as I sit in your hard plastic boxes which

poke me from all sides,

I glance down at my Converse in search of the shackles.

Invisible...but I feel them.


Your door slams as you kick it shut and we all

silence our thoughts.

Your beaked nose and laser eyes dig deep.

My flesh sizzles.


I dare not peep.

I dark not return your gaze.

My only company comes from the tick tick ticking clock,

counting the seconds of my imprisonment.

The walls grow closer together.


Your essays bore me,

writing is not about


as you assert.


Math! Though your soft touch and flawless face

invite me in,

the tiny strips of lace peeking from the top of your skirt

throw my stomach into my throat.

I'll keep quiet.


History, your knowledge is sadly endless.

Your gray hair must have absorbed all of the angry past

that your droning voice reads to us,

and your eyes...


Voices bomb my ears.

Your assignments make my phalanges cramp, 

and all of your dissaproving gazes tear into my soul.

The walls enclose, and my brain explodes

within your claustrophobic spaces.


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