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I was shattered, broken
With only myself to put back together
The warped and scattered pieces of me
Friends hid, few stood by
As I found myself after the storm
A girl who longs for more
Than the petty drama of your worlds
For more than the negative energy
Radiating out of your abysmal souls
I tried to walk away long ago
But loyalty and pity held me close
To your obnoxious and rude personalities
Something I have constantly ignored
To salvage the friendships that once thrived
I continually desired to avoid your judgement
But drama and negativity became your daily wardrobe
Jealously throbbed through your veins when finally
I discovered the love I have always wanted
I was happy in love and you were uncomfortable
Your sidekick supporting your every statement
Unfortunately for you, happiness is now my eternal wardrobe
My days consumed by compatibility, adoration, passion, laughter
Genuine love - something you will never comprehend
I have gained so much from losing you


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