Evolution Through Accumulation

Elementary school,

When's nap time? Is it my turn to bring snack?

Yayyyy, I can see my friends! Recess time! It's Friday, no homework!

This new math homework is weird. What is this "long division", and why must I learn it??


Middle School,

I can see my friends again! He's cute.

I don't feel like studying for this test. Solving equations is hardddd.

What are these bumps on my face? That homework only took me 10 minutes.

When is the school dance? Why don't I have a date? It's because I'm awkward looking.


High School,

When did he become so attractive??

I should study for this test.. 3 hours will do. What's the quadratic formula again?

What in the world is a derivative? Ughh MATH. I don't understand this, let's go ask a teacher.

Homecoming, I need to go dress shopping. I don't have a date? Boys are intimidated by my beauty.

I should learn how to drive. I want to be independent. I have to take the SAT this year... and the ACT.

I really should think about getting a part-time job. I'll have some spending money. I have to worry about COLLEGE now.



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