I loved you for all of your hurt and your healing. For all of your barbs and your joys. For all of your ups and down and your blacks and whites and your ability to hold on to things better let go. I loved you for your drama and your emotions. Your art and your eyeshadow and your vampire costume and makeup-less face. I loved you blonde and red and in purple fishnets. I loved your color and the smear of eyeliner when you took off your makeup. I loved you soft and loud and alive and dead and big and small. I loved you lonely and never alone. I loved the tremor in your voice when you were nervous and the way you got bitchy when you were insecure. I loved that you were the prettiest and most insecure girl in most rooms. I loved your head on my shoulder and your hair in my face. I loved your scent and every single bath and bodyworks perfume lined up on your dresser. I loved your obscene silly bands and your v card and your double-tongue stolen converse with Demi Lovato on the toe caps. I loved you whole. I loved you broken. I loved your rib cage and your legs and your hips and your collarbones. I loved your eyes and your chin and your shoulderblades. I loved your neck and your feet. I loved you wild. I loved you soft. I loved you flawed. I loved you wondrous. I loved you infinite. I love you still.


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