I Hope You're Happy Now


There she goes, pure as snow,

Just trying to get by in life.

Here you come, mean as a thug.

So eager to dim her bright light.


I see the sneer upon your face,

That devilish little grin.

From afar you look like such a saint,

But something evil dwells within.


She pretends your words don't hurt her,

But I know they tear her apart.

I can tell you're killing her slowly.

You're shredding her fragile heart.


You stab her with your words

And call her filthy names.

You tell her she doesn't matter

And laugh in her terrifed face.


She tries to shield off your words.

She tries to keep going her way,

But she's lost both inside and out.

All she wants is to escape.


She runs, yet you still follow.

You cackle like a witch.

I know what she's planning

As she heads straight for the bridge.


"Oh no," I whisper. "Please don't," I whisper

As my eyes fill with tears.

I scream, "I think you're beautiful!"

It falls on broken ears.


Here you come, mean as a thug,

And you pull her last string.

There she goes, pure as snow,

Tumbling down a hundred feet.


She doesn't even scream.

She just soars into the dark.

Your grip is finally off

Of her tired and so bruised heart.


I wish she hadn't done it.

It haunts me everyday,

To see the sad angel face,

To watch her go that way.


I turn to you as you take in a gasp

And tumble to the floor.

You didn't think she'd do it,

That your words could slam her doors.


Well, I hope you're happy.

You drove her quite insane!

I yell, "I hope you're happy!"

You snatched her life away.


She had so much going for her.

I hope you're happy that it's all gone.

To her, I say, "Hope you liked the freefall

And that in Heaven you're better off."


I wish I could have caught her

And saved her on that day.

You wish you could have stopped her

For regret has flodded your veins.


There she goes pure as snow,

Just trying to get by in life.

Here you come, mean as a thug,

So eager to dim her bright light.


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