Shit That You Can't Say To Your Teacher



So much to say

But I'll just say a few

My routine

That's what I'll do

I wake up at 5:30am

Go to the bus stop

And go to school

You know the usual

I go to jail I'm sorry

I mean school

A place where I feel like a robot or a dusty old tool

I'm sitting in class listening to my teacher lecture 

But not actually teach

Then you give me this paper

Assuming I automatically know it

Please do not assume 

Assumptions tend to mislead you 

I have six other classes 

How do you expect me to still be me

How do you expect me to give you my all

I'm going through withdraw

The unusual things

My eyes are rolling to the back of my head

I'm about to fall

I wish I can just renew

I'm tired I'm sleepy

I just can't do

This class is boring I'm tired

This sucks

What can I do


I can't I have to go to school

Or do I ? 

Just playing

Not really

School makes me want to leave 

But I've been here for almost ten years now 

I will not leave 

You're not going to recieve my all

I just wished you understood

I hate that you keep saying

All the things I complain about are excuses

To be honest

I'm telling you why I'm not making it

Y'all treat me like the next

I'm not I'm trying to be the best

Please stop comparing me to the next

I'm me no one else

Please just give me a chance

Stop rushing me I know I know

Time is racing heartbeat is pacing

Deadlines to meet things to finish

Things to teach

You need to understand

Rushing me will only stress me out and make me fail

It's not that I hate school

It's the waking up early 

feeling like a tool

faking a smile

That I'm not use to 

That all in general can take a toll on a person

Who really dislikes school

I use to be alive 

Happy so glee

Now I don't even know me  

Now I'm depressed unhappy the old me

Not trying to be mean I'm just saying

You teachers in general

Your far from a friend

You make me feel like the old me

The one who use to be . . . . . .


I feel dead inside

straight to the vein

So I ask you out of the courtesy out of my heart

Relax and just give me some time

to replenish what I'm lacking in the INSIDE





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