One True Love


Take a whiff of that blunt
How do you feel?
does the high make you forget the memories?
Do you wish that you could still mop up the hurt?
Is the pain still there?
Maybe a few more puffs and it'll be gone.
Begging for more.
Dropping on the floor.
Your friends are laughing from your lack consciousness.
Popping pills next to forget all the hurt.
How does that feel?
The high is a little stronger now, forceful now.
The banging still doesn't go away.
After the high comes the fall.
You are crashing down like glass shattering into tiny pieces.
You feel lost.
But just one more hit my friend,
feel the pain release.
Take away the hurt please?
But your family suffers in silence,
as you take another blow.
Was it worth it?
Their tears shattering with your soul.
You are not the person they remember.
They see you as the child laughing on the play ground and now,
who are you?
Was it worth it?
Now you are stuck with the everyday high,
crashing and sinking in order to feel a little more whole.
They watch.
Your friends leave.
Now what do you have besides some weed?
Its not worth the small moment to release some pain.
So maybe its not worth it,
maybe theres another way.


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