Sleep At Sixteen

How sad it is that at sixteen my favorite thing is sleep!

I try to buy four hours a night but never get to keep.

There’s my alarm!  I must get up!  It’s time to go to school!

But all the while I think of sleep.  It really isn’t cool

For everyone is having fun and staying up all night

But I cannot for fear my Pillow Dear and I may fight.

He’s quite controlling (Pillow Dear) and always wants my time

Coaxing me with compliments: “That essay looks sublime!

You’re a whiz at math; you needn’t do the homework she assigned

The plans you’ve made with Sam and Kate can wait, for you will find

It’s warmer here, with your head upon my cozy breast.

You’ve had a long day; now it’s time to cuddle up and rest.”

But I cannot, for I must go and show my friends I care!

And after that, I volunteer at my church’s fair!

And if I get back home tonight (not early in the morning)

I have that homemade gift for Sis that still needs some adorning.

So through the day I dream of sleep—and I must confess—

Sometimes I dream of sleep at night when my wishes press!


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