But You Will Always Know It's There


you thought this time

it would go by the book again

it almost always does

you know the one

it's my own edition


but its always the same story

or it was supposed to be

supposed to be extraordinary

you are

in your ordinary days

you know where the traces go by now

they taught you well

tick them off one by one

like clues to a mystery

except it's one you'll never solve

add up those letters

write your story with them

these traces

you are told to view them as monumental once you leave them

but you already see them fading - you know the truth

sign your name now

the cameras are watching

isn't this exciting?

no matter when you visit again

you will always know it's there

this is your moment they tell you

and yet

next year we want better, don't forget that

next year, well that was the one wasn't it

the year they added the chapter that wasn't in the rough draft

this place where your story goes

the blood stains were missing from the script they handed you

this terrifying trace

was left that out of the manual

this trace, you are surprised and saddened to find

fades too

faster than you ever thought

as the time ticked forward and the cameras pointed elsewhere

that's the way of the camera - on to the next story now

so I guess it's back to your book.....

you flip ahead to your own next chapter

maybe only because you have no other choice

you leave this trace behind

but you will always know it's there


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