The Things You Can't Tell a Teacher


You need help

You beg and plead

Your eyes are wide

Your wrists bleed


Who can help you?

You're lost and hopeless

Your parents won't listen

You feel almost boneless


You go to school

Cover up with sleeves

Your teachers don't question

They simply believe


They believe what you want

As you hide yourself away

As you suffer alone

In the light of day


The things you can't tell a teacher

But really you can

Although you don't think so

They truly understand


They were young once

Childlike, inexperienced, alone,

They went through things just like you

But if only then they had known


They had teachers too,

And teachers before them, and

They could have helped

They could have lent a hand


They made it through

And you can too

The things you can tell a teacher

May just save you.


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